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March 14, 2011
By turtleman BRONZE, South Burlington, Vermont
turtleman BRONZE, South Burlington, Vermont
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The kid was up all night doing homework for school because he was falling behind and trying to catch up. The reason he was falling behind was that he didn’t do his homework sometimes. The teachers were giving him a lot of homework to do. He was trying to do it all in school during class. But he still didn’t finish it all in time.

The reason he didn’t do it was that he didn’t like it and wanted to play sports after school. After sports he was too tired to do homework and didn’t have time because he had to eat dinner and then he falls asleep after that. In class when he tried to do his homework he got distracted by other people talking to him and didn’t work at all. Other times he didn’t do homework he forgot to write it in his planner so he didn’t know the homework.

When he didn’t do his homework or handed it in late he wasn’t doing well in his classes. One of his teachers Mr. Wolf said that “john your failing my class and the only reason you are is because of your homework grade”. Then john started to do his homework more often.

Sports ended so he could work after school on his homework and wasn’t as tired. When he finally got his homework grade up enough for each call to pass with. He wouldn’t have to stay up all night doing homework. Now he isn’t tired at school.

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what's the point?

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