Old Lady Eastabrook

March 11, 2011
By ChrissyP. SILVER, Cowpens, South Carolina
ChrissyP. SILVER, Cowpens, South Carolina
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There’s a plantain at the end of a dirt road. It’s one of those old places that you just know has been in the family for years. The house’s two stories, white chipped paint, porch is coming apart, roof is falling in, the grass no longer grows, and there’s nothing but dirt. You wouldn’t think anyone lived there, but you’d be wrong. Old Lady Eastabrook has loved there her whole life. All of her family has passed on. I didn’t know to much about her and never thought I would. Well about three months ago Mom made me take her a home cooked meal. I just thought I would droop it off and leave. I ended up sitting there for five hours just talking.

Five hours before I’m sitting inside Old Lady Eastabrook’s house. The inside is so much nicer then I would have ever thought it would be. Wood floors, white walls, pictures every where, and clean.

“Louies would you like some tea?” Old Lady Eastabrook asked in a very sweet voice.

“Yes ma’am I would. Thank you.” I asked.

She handed me the tea, got her a cup, and sat down.

“How’s your tea?”

“It’s fine, thank you. I was wondering something. How did your family end up owning this place? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“I don’t mind. Picture it 1920 my family bought a small bit of land. Just enough to farm a small crop. Well back then a little bit of land could farm a lot. Before we knew it people in town was wanting to buy some of our crops. We made enough that we could buy a thousand acres. I worked my life away on this farm. It took my youth and left me with tough hands, bags under my eyes, worry lines, and many great memories. My first kiss was under that maple tree. Broke my arm falling off the tire swing. I’m the last one in my family and I got no one I trust to leave this place to. I want it to go to some one who will bring this old house back to it’s old glory and work the land again.” She was crying.

“I could picture this place and I can see why you want someone good to take care of it. I hope you find that person. I’ll come see you again. I promise.”

“Thank you.” She smiled one last time.

Three days later. I was headed to her house when I found out the news Old Lady Eastabrook passed away today. Even thought I didn’t know her long I had to pull over, tears filled my eyes and burst like a dam that couldn’t hold anymore back. That women finally make it home to her family. Two days later they had a service and I got a knock on the door.

‘Louies Worley?”

“Yes.” I was a little stand offish.

“Well I got some news for you Ms. Eastabrook left you her family’s place.”

“Wow that’s I don’t even know what to say. She was a very kind women.”

“Yes she was ma’am. I just need you to sign these paper’s and the place is yours.”

I signed the papers and he was off. I can’t believe she left me her home. There’s only one thing I can do/ I got to fix the place up and bring it back to it’s glory day’s. I’ll make my own memories and do her proud.

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