big feet

March 11, 2011
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The sun rises, the birds chirp, and the trees sway in the wind. In the middle of the country with no houses for miles, a door opens. A log cabin door surrounded by trees creeks open and a foot hits the ground. Within that forest is a tree that this guy really likes. His first love carved their initials into the tree the day before she died in a car accident. The tree is full of life, tall, and skinny. The girl picked that tree because her boyfriend was also like this tree in a way. He is always happy and smiling and usually nothing can put him down. This guy is five foot eight inches with short black hair. This guy also is an adventurer and will try anything even if he is putting his own life in danger. His name is Mini Opolis and he eats cocoa puffs for breakfast, because he is cookoo for coco puffs.

Mini Opoplis walks out the door and smells the crisp, fresh air of the mountain skies. He looks around and all he can see are the outlines of the surrounding trees while the fog blanks out everything else. He walks down a flight of stairs and just barely sees two deer run around the corner of the house. He started on his way to the outhouse and herd sticks breaking behind it. Mini got spooked and walked back to the cabin. He knew that there was something big behind that outhouse because there were large sticks breaking not little ones. Later while boiling water for his coffee he heard something out side.

He gets up out of his wooden rocking chair and turns to his left to look out the window. He opens the dark green curtains and looks out. He saw a giant black blur turn the corner of his house. Mini turned around and ran out the door, down the stairs, and to the corner of the house. As he turned the corner of the house he had seen nothing but trees.

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