The Baseball Boy Prologue

March 11, 2011
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A young boy named Scott Smitten was born on October 28, 2004. The boy had many dreams of becoming a professional baseball player for the Red Sox. He began playing baseball when he was three in a little league program provided by his school in Boston. When Scott was eight he was involved in an incident while practicing with the older kids. He was playing the position of shortstop while the other children were taking turns batting. As he stood in the warm dirt trying to see through the bright sun he heard the crack of the ball off the wooden bat. Before he knew it the ball was hit directly toward his head and he fell to the ground. Scott was taken to the hospital right after the incident. This accident gave him symptoms that are similar to cerebral palsy. The accident caused brain damage and caused him to become mentally disabled in a portion of his brain. He could not remember exactly what happened. Tom, Chris, and Dan, the kids playing with him, said that they had hit the ball and before he could get his glove up to catch it, the ball hit him in the head. The doctor explained to him that it would be very tough playing sports because he will not be able to maintain his balance and posture, this was already hard for him as he was a natural klutz. He was also told that the muscles in his legs were going to be very stiff and his movements were going to be awkward. Although he was told he would never be great at sports, this courageous child with wavy blonde hair and deep blue eyes, did not want to give up on his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player.
Most kids that have with this disorder cannot play very active sports because the brain damage hinders body movement and does not allow muscle coordination. However this tall, lengthy kid practiced everyday to become better at the sport that he loved. He was called many names when practicing towards the first modified game. Nobody appreciated that he was disabled and still attempting to achieve his lifelong dream. Eventually, after many more practices and appointments with doctors to help him learn how to control the muscles in his legs he tried out for the modified team at his school and made it. Persevering Scott and his team had three weeks to practice before their first game. They all worked very hard and supported each other and helped him face his challenges. Eventually April 10th 2010 came, the first game of the modified season, and the game was going to be attended by a majority of the students in his school.

It was five o’ clock in the afternoon and the announcements came across the loud speakers with the names of the teams and players on the teams. As each child’s name was called the crowd cheered and clapped. After the announcements the game began and Scott’s team was first to bat. Scott then noticed that this girl, Tracy who had wavy brunette hair, brown eyes and long legs was there watching. She saw him looking and waved. He knew that she was sweet, trustworthy and generous so he felt special. A kid named Terry was batting first; he hit a single along with the next two players. Then, it was Scotts turn to bat with bases loaded. As he walked up to the plate and he saw Tracy again and knew that he wanted to do something special just to please her. However as he was walking to the plate the fielders taunted him on his disorder and he became angry, but he knew it was no good. The pitcher from the opposing team pitched the ball and on the first pitch Scott swung and he ……..missed, strike one. Then pitch two came and he swung and….. missed again, strike two. Then he realized he had to be smart and calm down. The pitcher dealt and Scott hit it. It went and went and went, but it was foul. The fourth pitch came and Scott swung and hit a shot towards the left-center gap, but it was hooking hard but it stayed up. Going farther into the air going towards the foul pole………plop it landed…….

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