Ocean Breeze

March 11, 2011
By roxygurl2920 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
roxygurl2920 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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The wind had been howling all day blowing sand into our faces. And sending Sea mist into our eyes. We huddled together in our beach chairs Jacob sitting on my lap and Lena on my moms. The sky was turning gray as we started packing up our stuff, to leave. We headed up to the deck under the overhang. Mom sure picked a good day to go to the beach.

“Mom let’s just go it’s not gonna clear up any time soon.” I said tapping my foot.

“No, no, no!” Screamed Lena her voice was big for such a little girl.

“Well let’s just wait it out Morgan and see what it looks like in a little while.” Mom said in that way just makes you want to argue back.

We went up to the cabana and sat down for lunch my sister complaining that Jacob got more ice cream then her. We waited for about half an hour and went back
outside. The sky had turned back to a cloudy blue and Jacob and Lena ran onto the beach screaming with laughter.

“See Morgan I told you it would clear up soon you just have to wait.”

“Yeah mom whatever.” I walked down to the water and set my chair down. Jacob came out of the water crying. He ran to my mom told her what happened. Turns out all that was for a drop of salt water in his eye. I rolled my eyes and turned on my ipod. Lena came up with her hands behind her back and a smile on her face, I looked up and she dumped a fist full of sand in my lap.

“LENA!” I yelled. She backed up her eyes filling with tears.

“Lena come here.” I sighed, she always has a way to make you feel guilty when she was the one to actually do the thing that started the fight. She climbed on to my lap and looked up her green eyes filled with tears. I apologized for yelling at her and she asked if I would come and play with her and Jacob. I agreed and she leaped with joy. Lena bolted down the beach into the water. I ran after her she and she dove into the water like a dolphin. I went in after her and picked her up and tossed her into the water.
She came up laughing I swam to Jacob and did the same they splashed over to me I ducked under the water. They looked around and couldn’t find me. I came up behind them and pulled the both of them under. This time we all were laughing I looked over at mom and she smiled. Maybe coming to the beach today wasn’t such a bad idea.

The author's comments:
Well its really just a memory. It wasnt happy or sad it was just a memory and i was there.

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Mom-Mom said...
on Mar. 15 2011 at 6:03 pm


Iam so proud of you you are doing a wonderful job keep up the good work .

Love ya lots.



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