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March 11, 2011
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December 28, 2010
Dear Dairy,

My family and I moved to this town called Kittanning. When we arrived at out house there was a police car in my driveway. My dad got out of the car and talked to the sheriff for a few minutes, then called me and mom out of the car. I carried my boxes to my room. The only good thing about being an only child is that there is no fighting over who gets what bedroom. I was unpacking when the door bell rang. I ran downstairs to see who it was. It was the lady next door and she brought apple pies, but I think she was just being nosey because she asked why the police was here and after she found out she left. Of course I didn’t mention this to mom. By dinner time I had everything in my room where I wanted it. I decide to go to bed early because I had to go to school the next day.

December 29, 2010
Dear Dairy,

I didn’t get much sleep last night, I got up at 5 am, but I did have to be up until 7 am. When I got up to go to me window I saw a man starring at me. I quickly closed my window blinds. I tried to go back to bed, but I couldn’t. I tried to convince myself that it was nothing, but I couldn’t. Just then there was a knock on my door telling it was time for school. I got up and got dressed, but before I could face my mom I had to tell myself to get a grip. By the time I made it downstairs I missed the bus. The sheriff took me to school because my dad had the only car and he was at work. Before I got out of the car I expressed my gratitude. School was going fine until 7th period. I fell asleep during 7th period. Can you believe it! I fell asleep on the first day and now I had to stay after school. When I was waiting for my dad to come get me I saw that man again. I quickly turned away, but when I turned back he was gone. When I got home mom asked what was wrong that I didn’t sleep last night that I had to sleep during school. That when I told her about the man. She just told me I was overreacting. I don’t know, but I am going to bed.

December30, 2010
Dear Dairy,

The man was outside my window again, but this time I noticed he was wearing gold badge. School flew by fast today. When I got home I decided to go for a walk. When I saw that man again I turned around and started to run and he chased after me. Just when I thought I got away the sheriff car should up. I got in his car. Then I noticed he was wearing gold badge. I asked I f all officers had one he said that he was the only one that had them. He offered me some coffee and I gladly took it. The next thing I knew I was in a room full of children. Later the sheriff came in with a couple and asked them with one they wanted. They pointed to the girl next to me. I asked what he was going to do with me. That is when he told me that right now his men were searching for me and they were not going to find me and how he had to act fast to kidnap me because he knew I was on to him when I asked about the badge. Then with a smug look on his face he left and locked the door.

December 31,210
Dear Dairy,

How can I be so stupid! I had my cell phone with me the whole time. I called the police and they said they knew my location and would come and get me. He came bursting threw the door grabbed me by the arm and said we had to leave before the other officers got there ,but when we got there it was to late he house was surrounded. He claimed he found me, but I told them the truth. They found and returned the children to their parents. The sheriff was arrested and was sentence to a maxium security for life without parole.

January 1, 2011
Dear Dairy,

The police department has a new sheriff who says he is going to change the town for the better. My family and me are moving again somewhere away from the city and into the far country. Mom says the nearest neighbor is 3 miles away. I am also getting home schooled by the finest teachers in the county the police department is making sure of that. This is a start to a new and hopefully better year. Happy New Year!

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Honeygirl16201 said...
Mar. 15, 2011 at 7:10 pm
These are letters to my friend dairy lol.
Mom-Mom said...
Mar. 15, 2011 at 6:12 pm


Iam glad you found this site it is so nice to be able to read this good work and and be so proud that its my grandaughterwriting it you are so taltented keep up the good work .

Love ya lots

deadpoetguy said...
Mar. 15, 2011 at 4:18 pm
Awesome stuff although i am wondering why are all those entries going to a dairy? lol just kidding great work keep it up.
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