Life Sentence

March 10, 2011
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She was running out of excuses. So she pulled out the oldest one in the book, "Something might happen to you." She didn't realize I know nothing would. I was positive, God doesn't bestow such great gifts on people like me.
When I die, It'll be in a long time, once my life sentence has been dutifully waited out. Whatever I did to deserve it, I'm sorry, I am truely, truely, sorry. But it couldn't have been bad anough to deserve this.
The only other option is suicide, and if you do that, you go to hell, that's what I was taught anyway. Hell is an option I am currently considering, it looks more and more appealing everyday. Thing is they might just send mme back here, to my. own, personal hell. It's no fun being special.
So here I am in this tiny city suffocating, I have no room to move. I am being oppressesd. My creativity is draining from my pores like sweat on my summer runs. Here I am in some town where the biggest crime in the lawbooks is speeding, I can't possibly hope to be killed of soon.
No, instead I am forced to endure this sentence. This life imprisoning torcher chamber. I wonder who came up with such an idea. To stick me here, on this planet weakening from pollution, and running dangerously low on natural resources, that is growing closer to death every day. I wonder what she did, mother nature, to deserve such a punishment.
I wish they could have just given me the death penalty. By the electric chair, or something equally horrifying. I would take it a hundred times before taking this life once, gladly.
So here I am watching, waiting, praying for the day I can go back. When my life sentence is over, my body dead and gone. And I pray that my spirit be removed along with it. If not, my spirit will be suffered to linger on this dying planet for the rest of eternity.

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