Brotherly Love

March 8, 2011
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The village lay in two feet of snow. It was a town, yet it was considered a village. It was a small village with little houses everywhere a couple farms here and there and a gathered “downtown” area which looked like a bunch of single floored buildings scattered haphazardly on old bumpy streets of stone. The sun awoke to look at this scene set on a moderately large island. This was not an island of the exotic kind; it had moderate weather and was not always warm. Once in a while, it would snow during the winter, but it usually was not much. The people that lived here were a little more modern than the town itself, but everybody loved the place. A boy lay on his bed, eyes transfixed on the ceiling. After all, It was a Saturday. The boy’s brother came in furious to see his brother still in bed. He threw a pillow at his brother and shouted,
“Wake up you dreamy nut head!” as if he were a military admiral.
The innocent boy drowsily got up to take a beating from his older brother, and plopped on the bed again. He soon got up after his brother left, dressed himself and washed. He walked down the villa steps into the kitchen. As soon as his mother saw him she charged at the older brother, scolded him, and sent him away. Then she walked back to the kitchen to reach for the boy’s breakfast, cereal. She placed it on the table in front of the boy. The boy slowly opened the package and reached inside. He felt the bag and something else: a plastic ring. The boy was delighted to get gifts from cereal boxes as they were always good. He ate his breakfast quickly, and with his ring he went outside in his jacket and looked at the snow. How wonderful he thought.

He saw his brother’s jealous eyes stare at him with temptation. He would be out soon, so fun was to be had until then. Working against time he created a world of snow within two hours. Then he became lonely. He turned to find his time was up. His brother strolled up to his face and said,
“ Did you notice the boys making a fortress and snowballs next door?”
“No” replied the boy.
“Well we ought to make a fortress and some snowballs too? No? for the defense of our wonderful villa?”
“Ok!” answered the boy with enthusiasm.
So the two boys built a big fortress and a stockpile of snowballs. Soon, the other boys walked towards them snowballs in hand in a neutral position.
“What bring thee here?’ shouted the boy's brother.
“Thee’s pitiful lives you bloody fool!” shouted the boy leading his group.
“Watch your tongue, as your lives are soon to slip away too!”
The hostility told both groups to retreat to their fortresses to prepare for battle. The boy wondered how he and his brother would win this battle alone, For the other group was made up of half a dozen. The other group had gathered its snowballs and prepared for attack. For the next hour the two groups fought relentlessly with snowballs flying everywhere. Even when his brother fell, the boy kept going, managing to fend off the scoundrels and to force them to surrender. The rest of the day was spent delightfully with his brother. That night, the boy kissed his ring thanking it for all the luck it brought him that day and thanked it for turning the bad day into a good one, and turning his evil brother into a good one.

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