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March 8, 2011
By Anonymous

“This is it” I thought “report card day”. The bell rings and everyone rushes into the hall way after they receive their grades so they can get out of school, except me. I take my time getting my report card, my teacher Mrs. Thomas knows my grades and gives me a disappointing look. In the hall way I walk as slow as I can without getting pushed down by the crowd. My heart beating fast while I am looking at my grades, all D’s and one F. Everything is rushing through my mind of how much trouble I will be in I forget to say hello to my friends like I usually do. I walk past them in embarrassment so they would not ask me about my grades. They catch up with me and try to talk to me but I just push them away and leave school.
It’s 2:45 pm and I am in my car, looking down at my grades. I start to feel like my parents are going to hate me. I turn on my car and drive. 15 minutes went past and I started looking at my grades again. Right when I looked back up I saw an animal in the middle of the road and I swerved out of its way just missing it. I looked forward and suddenly I hit straight on into a car. The air bag flew up into my face and pushed me back into my seat. Once the airbag deflated, I got out. I couldn’t believe it, I was okay. I came over to the other car and they were all okay as well. I look at all of them thinking how I could have harmed a whole family by my recklessness.

While we are waiting for the police my phone starts ringing and it is my parents wondering where I am. I tell them that I am waiting for the police to come because I was in a head on collision. My parents started to ask 20 questions a minute and after I answered them the police came. Time and time went by, eventually I got home. Right when I walked through the door my parents hugged me like I haven’t been home for years. Tears ran down my mom’s face and I started to explain how it happened, I pooled out my grades to tell them and they ripped the paper out of my hands, set it on table and told me they were just happy I was okay.

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