Terrors of Marriage

March 5, 2011
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I'm done! I do everything here! I feel like your maid damn it, not your wife!" Dean Fumed with anger.
Their daughter was out for the weekend and whenever she left these kinds of fights occurred.
"YOU! chose this! You wanted to stay home! I work twelve hours a day. What more do you want!" Kay huffed and feigned calming down; before Dean knew what was going on, she'd thrown a plate at hi head. He was enraged. He flew at her and pinned her against the kitchen wall.
"Screw you!" She spat at him, which only angered him further.Roaring, he threw her to the ground and got down on top of her. He pinned her arms above her head.
"Shut the hell up!" He forced her knees apart and her skirt up to her thigh. Her eyes widened though with which emotion Dean cared not to decipher.
"Get off!" She struggled against him but was powerless under his strength. He paid her no heed as he used one hand to keep her wrists pinned above her head and the other to unbutton his jeans.
"You love it," he said in her ear as he pulled her underwear down to her knees. Tears sprang to her eyes in fear. She didn't want this, and it didn't matter.
"No," she pleaded. "Stop, please! Don't do this."
He said nothing as he positioned himself and pushed in forcefully. Kay cried out in pain and terror and tried to skwirm away.
Dean, angry at her resistance bit her on her chest till he tasted blood. As he quickened his pace his grip on her hands tightened and the tears flowed freely from Kay's eyes.
"Stop," she whispered, but he didn't. Minutes later he thrust in deep and finished. He paid no attention to the blood on her thighs or his own.
Shuddering and crying she lay on the floor and let the pain consume her. The next day she hadn't moved and Dean, as he tried to pull her up dropped to his knees at the feel of her ice cold skin.

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