March 5, 2011
By PatanRocks1210 GOLD, La Mesa, California
PatanRocks1210 GOLD, La Mesa, California
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The rain beat against the sidewalk, each drop falling with a cruel smack. The hall echoed with the roar of the rain against its awning, silencing the usual cheerful whispers of gossip. Frigid air pressed against the warm windows, which tantalized students to escape the sting of each icy drop from the turbulent storm.
A door opened, and a sliver of light broke the monotony of the dimmed hall. A small figure shuffled into the hall as a burst of laughter floated from the open door. The door clicked locked, allowing the rain’s haphazard beat to prevail once again. A slight breeze stole the figure’s weak breath and frosted it white.
She reached out, observing the water fall from the bleak sky and bounce harshly against her shivering palm. Light shined into the hallway again as someone peered at the figure in the rain, but then retreated back into the room.

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