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February 14, 2011
“Wake up Chloe,” Mum softly whispered. “In a sec!” I groaned sleepily. “I’ll give you two minutes and then I’m kicking you out of bed.” Mum walked out of the room. It was six o’clock in the morning. I never woke up this early especially when it was the weekend. My mum only wakes me up this early for special reasons. I forced myself out of bed and walked downstairs in to t

e kitchen then got my breakfast together and went to sit down at the kitchen table. Mum told me to hurry up so I quickly munched down my cereal, and then went to my room to get dressed. Eventually after trying on three different outfits I wore my black converse, skinny blue jeans and a black short sleeve t-shirt with a zebra heart on it. While getting dressed I thought to myself, where could my mum be taking me so early in the morning?
My mum walked into my room and said, “If you’re wondering where we are going, we’re going to the mall.” Wow! It’s like she read my mind! That was really weird.

I walked into the kitchen where my sister was.
“Mum’s in the car,” my sister said. “All right bye,” I replied as I walked into the garage. Mum was in the car waiting for me. I got in the car and we drove off to the mall. A while later I asked, “So why are we going to mall?” “Just wait and see Chloe, just wait and see,” Mum said with a smile on her face. We were two minutes away from the mall when we got caught in the most humongous traffic line. Our car was stuck for about a half an hour. The car didn’t even move an inch; it was so boring just waiting doing nothing for a half hour. It felt like torture. Gradually after that half hour we began to move slower and slower towards the entrance of the mall. Finally we entered the parking lot and found a spot. Then we got out the car and walked into the front doors of the mall.
“Where do you want to go first?” Mum asked. “How about Abercrombie and Fitch?” I replied. “Yeah sure, lets go!” Mum led the way. A while later when we got to the end of the hallway, we walked into A&F. I bought five pairs of skinny jeans and then we walked to lady footlocker. When we walked in I saw tons and tons of different converse placed all over the stores walls. It was like paradise for me because I absolutely love converse shoes. I had like six different pairs at home and I wanted to buy red converse and white converse. A man named Steve walked towards us and asked us what shoes I wanted to try on. I gave the man red converse and white converse and told him that I was a size six. Then Steve took the shoes and walked to the back of the store into another small room. A few minutes later he came out holding two orange boxes. I was waiting sitting down on a seat. He came over and put the shoes on the floor next to me and told me to call him over if we wanted to buy the shoes. So I tried on the red pair first, they fit perfectly. Next I tried on the white converse and they fit the same. They looked so pretty and I couldn’t wait to have them in my closet. My mum said I could buy them both, and then she waved her hand in the air for Steve to come. He came over to us and then took the boxes to the checkout counter in the store. We followed him and then gave the money for the shoes. After we had paid, we left the store and then my mum lead the way to another store. I didn’t know where we were going. Then I realized we were going to Claire’s Boutique, which is an earrings store. I remembered that I had written down on my Christmas list a while ago that I had wanted to get my ears pierced. This was probably the reason why my mum was taking me there. Yes! I was so excited because for the past two years I had wanted to get my ears pierced, but I was always too young. Finally now I was old enough. I was so nervous, not knowing if it was going to painfully hurt or not. I didn’t know what to expect. We walked over to the main desk in the store, to ask a lady where in the store I could get my ears pierced. Then the lady walked my mum and I over to a little room in the store. We walked inside, the first thing we noticed were the walls. They were so bright and colorful. Every wall was a different color, blue, orange, yellow and pink. I sat in a black chair and waited for a lady to come in. There was a big heart shaped mirror in front of me and a little counter below it. On the counter there were hundreds of different mini-earrings lying under a glass cover. It took me forever to choose a pair of earrings. They were all so pretty and colorful. After a few minutes had went by, I chose rainbow bows earrings, which also had sparkles on them. I couldn’t wait to wear them.
A while after I had picked out my earrings, a young woman came into the room. She looked about nineteen; she had a happy smile on her face. I felt less nervous then. She asked me what my name was and I told her Chloe.
“Your name is really pretty,” the lady said. “Thank you,” I said. I asked her if it was going to hurt and she told me not to worry. The lady went to one of the closets in the room and pulled out an ear-piercing gun. At the end of the gun there was a very sharp pointy-looking tip attached. Attached to the tip was a little hole to put the earring in. Next she walked over to a drawer and pulled out some cotton balls, and then she opened up a small cupboard and took out a special type of spray for spraying on ears. Inside the bottle of special spray, there was something that looked like an acid green liquid. The lady put some liquid on the cotton balls and then on my ears, rubbing the part of my ear where she was going to poke the hole. Then she got a black pen and drew a small dot on the part of my ear she was aiming to pierce. A while later when she had finished placing the earring on the tip of the gun, she slowly walked towards me. The gun looked frightening, I became hot and began to feel nervous again. As she walked towards me, she had a smile on her face and she held up the gun to my ear. Suddenly, I felt the sharp point touch my ear as it slowly pushed through, then I heard a CLICK. I held my mum’s hand tight because my ear felt like it was swelling tremendously. A few seconds later I felt the other earring go in my other ear. Yes! It was over. We paid the lady, and then walked out of the store. My mum and I were starving, it was about four o’clock now and we didn’t even have any lunch yet. So we walked around the mall looking for pizza places to eat at. We both realized like we had been shopping for most of the morning. It was crazy! We were both tired, starved and couldn’t wait to get out of the mall. I didn’t realize how stressful shopping was. As we walked around a corner of a store I spotted a pizzeria called “MARIO’S”. “Lets go there to eat,” I showed my mum. She looked at the place. “Sure Chloe, lead the way.” So I walked towards the restaurant and went to the front desk. There was a man there giving out menus to customers coming in. He walked towards us and handed us both a menu. Then we found a table and sat down. A waiter came over to our table a few minutes after we sat down and asked us for our orders. I told the man that I would like to order a slice of cheese pizza and my mum ordered a slice of chicken pizza. The man left and he came back half an hour later with two slices of pizza. We both quickly munched down our food and left the restaurant. We walked out of the mall to the parking lot. My mum and I got into the car and we drove home. As we drove down the highway we spotted a dead raccoon in front of us. Just the look of the raccoon was disgusting. A car had squashed it. We could see the gallons of blood surrounding its body all around. Both of us felt like throwing up. I think I even saw some of its brain hanging out from the side of its head. We had to drive over the raccoon quickly because we were on the highway. We couldn’t drive around the raccoon because the cars around us were going too fast that they wouldn’t let us pass. My mum slowly drove over the dead body and we heard a crack. I was thinking that crack was a bone. A few seconds later we were completely off it and we quickly drove home. A moment later, we arrived home and slowly drove into the garage. Then we opened up the back door of the car and took out all the new clothes and shoes I bought and brought them inside the house. I called for everyone to come into the kitchen to see my pierced ears. My dad came into the kitchen and then my brother and sister followed. “Look! I got my ears pierced!” I pointed to my ears. “Oh my god Chloe they are so pretty, I love them,” my sister said. She seemed so happy for me. “Nice,” my dad said. “Thank you!” I shouted as I rushed upstairs to my room. I went into my closet and grabbed a hand mirror then sat down on my bed and looked at my earrings. They looked stunning and I was really happy.

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