Castle Playground

March 4, 2011
Jamie awoke, excited and ecstatic; today she was going to her favorite place. A place she only knew to her self as castle playground. It was a giant completely wooden playground that when high, went low and seem like a castle to her. She seemed to run around there for hours with out seeing the same thing twice. She would be run across bridges, sliding down slides and swinging on swings, but the most fun was in her imagination of course.

For Jamie her imagination was the reason for why she loved the castle playground so much. In her imagination the castle playground could be a real castle, with moats, and a drawbridge, and towers, and always with some danger. She could make anything she wanted happen and it was all up to her. Jamie’s mother of course didn’t understand why Jamie loved going to this playground so much, to her it was just and old run down place where very few kids played anymore. She told Jamie about the new playground just on the other side of town. Jamie went there once but her imagination seemed different there, to many kids getting in the way. So she always asked her mother to go to castle playground where she could be alone to let her imagination run wild.

Jamie looked out the window, told looked like the perfect day for her, the sun was shining and everything was good. She ran throughout her house, finally ending in the kitchen where her mother was. “When are we leaving mom?” Jamie asked, “Soon honey, soon.” her mother told her. “But what time?” Jamie questioned, “After lunch, ok Jamie, around noon.” She answered. Jamie still had around three hours before lunch so she went and got dressed. That didn’t take up much time so Jamie colored, looked at her picture books and played with her stuffed animals until it was lunch time. She ate up her mac n’ cheese really quickly, her mother telling her to slow down more then once, and raced to the car. The drive there must only be ten minutes but Jamie asked her mother “Are we there yet” about 50 times. When they finally got there she jump out of the car, she heard her mother say “Have fun” while she was running to the playground. Then she got to the first wooden step of castle playground and let her imagination take over.

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