The dead mans gun

March 3, 2011
By domin0 SILVER, Royal Oak, Michigan
domin0 SILVER, Royal Oak, Michigan
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“Shhhhhh!!!” My dad whispered to me as we were trekking through the forest outside his house, in the backyard. Hunting season had just started and dad and I were determined we would get a buck this year, after our many attempts at one last year. We had two guns with us at the time and we were just climbing up our tree post when my dad spotted a small brown figure through the dead tree line.
It was too close for a dear to come with all the movement, but we weren’t taking any chances on missing one , and we had to bring home something even if it was a small hair. My dad quickly and smoothly got in position and moved his strong arms to the gun ready to shoot. His bulky finger now on the trigger and eye in the cheap scope we had bought at target the week before.
He started to pull back right as the animal turned toward us… “It had spotted us!” I thought, then with a deafening scream it called out, “NOOO!!!!” right when my dad pulled the trigger, and the voice fell silent. I started panicking, “what had we done!” I thought. As I was shaking with fear on the tree post my dad was already halfway to the now still body. I started after right away. As soon as I had come to the site I knew I had made a mistake, because of the gory scene I couldn’t keep down the pancakes I had had for breakfast that morning.
I heard my dad try to do everything in his power to help and save the barely living victim from blood loss. I kept telling myself that I had to help, but I couldn’t get the courage to move from the tree stump that I had puked on. After about 5 minutes I heard my dad get up and I knew it was over and the victim of our mistakes was dead… We paid our respects to him and went back to camp to get officials to help with the body.
Ever since this accident my dad and I have never held a gun, never went hunting, and have become vegetarian. My dad knows that he can never undo the accident that happened that day, but hope that when we do go to heaven God will Open His arms to us through his pearly white gates where we will meet the mystery man who was tragically the outcome of one son and father trying to achieve a goal.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because of the close connection between me and my dad. I added a twist on the kind of stuff we do so i could make the story interesting.

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