March 3, 2011
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I was in my dining room looking out the window. It was around 11:00am I was waiting for the mailman. I was hoping that there would be a letter in the mail for me from my sister who has been living in Colorado for over 3 years. As I was looking out the window I saw this couple walking down the road they looked like they were fighting. Then I realized it was my neighbor’s daughter Sarah and her a-hole of a boyfriend Jeff.

I went to get Tiffany my stepsister (who I hated with a passion; and was 2 years older than me and way bigger and still I could kick her butt). “Tiffany,” I yelled. “Can you come here for a second?”

“What?” she replied sourly.

“Sarah and Jeff are outside and I think their fighting.”

“So? What do you want me to do about it?”

“I don’t know but um… Sarah is coming on our porch.” I said with a weird look on my face.

*Ding Dong.*

Lizzie my stepmother went to the door to answer it. I was now in the kitchen as quiet as can be trying to her what Sarah was saying but they weren’t talking loud enough. Suddenly Sarah walked into my house with Jeff still outside. She walked right past me straight to the bathroom.

“What is she doing?” I heard Tiffany say. “Why is she using my bathroom? Doesn’t she have a bathroom at her house?” She went on.

“Tiffany! Stop! She only needs a minute to ‘get herself together’ and yes I’m sure she has a bathroom.” Lizzie answered sharply.

“But still I don’t want some low life using my bathroom.” She replied looking straight at the bathroom door.

“Wow, your such a b***h!” I butted in. “You can’t let one person whom you don’t even know use our bathroom. You’re so self-centered. That’s why I hate you! You judge someone even when you don’t know them.”

“I’m self-centered what about you and your pathetic little life when I moved her I was as nice as can be but when I ask you if you could show me around the school, you told me no. Which I believe is because you didn’t want me to be friends with your friends.” She went on.“ And on the other hand you judge people before you know them too. I see you during school with your preppy friends and your loser boyfriend, gossiping about everyone in that school. And you know you do it so don’t reject it.”

Just as I was about to say something Sarah walked out of the bathroom. She smiled a fake smile acting like she didn’t hear anything when we knew she could. She told us that she was sorry for even stopping here to use our bathroom and that she wouldn’t ever stop her again, then she left. Lizzie was just standing in front of me glaring. She didn’t say one word to me, instead she walked away. With that I knew she was going to have to tell Dylan what I said to Tiffany. I rethought what I had said to Tiffany and figured out that what I said was true and what Tiffany said was half true. Yes, I do have preppy friends and I do gossip a lot but she never asked me to show her around at school, and if she did I would have never said no.


Later that night at 9:53pm I was in my room on my lap top on facebook, I had just sent my friend a message: Hey call me as soon as you can. I need to talk. It’s about what I said to Tiffany, it’s pretty mean. I signed out and shut my computer down. I needed to get out of this house. Dylan my father wasn’t home yet and I didn’t want him to get home. If Lizzie told him what I said to Tiffany then I would get grounded and for sure he wouldn’t know the reason that I said it to her. He always took Tiffany’s side even though I’m his daughter. Lizzie yelled for me and told me that the phone was for me. I went to get it and I said hello.

Sure enough it was who I thought it would be, Anna. “Hey you left me a message on facebook. What’s up?”

I told her the whole story but when I finished the only thing she said was oh. If only I knew what she was thinking at that exact moment. “What are you thinking? Do you think that what I said was true?”

“Well yeah but, you could have been a little nicer.” She mumbled.

“What? How could you say that? Why would you say that? I thought you had my back on everything.”

“I do but seriously you didn’t have to call her a b***h.”

“Uh. Whatev. I’ve got to go. Bye.” Then I hung up before she answered. I couldn’t believe her answer, I thought she would come out with something like ‘are you kidding me she is such a loser.’ Or that she would be totally mad that she was talking about them. But I was wrong she didn’t care all she cared about was that I was nicer. She is way meaner than me. I think I’m the 3rd meanest person in our clique. The second was Victoria.

Tiffany was in my door way when I turned around. She was staring at me… smiling. “Hi” she said.

“What?” I asked. She said nothing. “What do you want!?” Why was she smiling?
“Oh nothing just to tell you that your reputation is over, you have no friends and you’re a loser. What you said to me didn’t affect me at all. Your so called friends all love me they always did. We were secretly planning this behind your back so that you would understand that I’m always going to be better than you no matter what. Love ya. Bye.”

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