Water Skiing

March 3, 2011
By , Ashburn, VA
Feet padded across the wet wooden floor. Two kids giggled as they crossed over towards the boats on the dock. Two adults followed and scolded them for running fast and getting ahead of them. “Come on, Sam!” the younger boy yelled as he headed towards the boat, getting a few good feet in front of her. The girl laughed and chased after him, followed by the chastising parents.

It was a beautiful day in Roanoke, Virginia; the sun was shining down, and the summer breeze filled the air. The trees danced along with the gentle winds as the sun fell down and shined in the cabin. A small girl cuddled into her pillow as she slept soundly and comfortably. The sun grazed her eyes, and she shielded them and yawned. It was a Monday morning, which doesn’t really make a difference to the girl because it is summer. The young girl sits up and stretches as her long, golden locks fall in front of her face. Today she was going to go water skiing with her friend and his grandparents.

Samantha was invited to go to Roanoke for the last few weeks of summer. She gladly accepted because she wanted to enjoy these weeks. One of her best friends, Nick, invited her, and she was very excited to come along. She had met his grandparents before, and they were very nice.

The first few days had been a blast campfires in the night, roasting marshmallows, and helping build a tree house. Today was going to be a blast even though Samantha had her doubts about today. But she pushed those aside, because she knew that she would have fun. Pulling her blue bikini on that she had gotten at Target especially for this trip, she smiled and then placed some clothes over it and headed upstairs for some breakfast. Rubbing her eyes, she grinned and dragged her feet upstairs.

“Good morning, Sam.” Nick’s grandparents said. Nick and his whole family were already awake and preparing for the day. His dad and mom were making sandwiches, and his grandparents were making breakfast. Nick was busy picking at a doughnut on the table; he still had his hair all over the place. She smirked at them and sat down as the cereal was placed in front of her. They all ate and then headed out to the lake where they would be going water skiing.

The feet padded against the wet deck as the two kids bounded off the boat and grabbed their water skis. Samantha smiled.

“Alright who goes first?”

They all pointed to the blonde since it was her first time there. Samantha didn’t know how to feel since she had never been water skiing before. She smiled nervously and decided to go anyway. She put on the sis as they set up the boat. Samantha finished, waddled over to the boat, and hopped into the water. Nick’s grandparents looked behind and smiled.

“Ok, so I will start the boat, and you will have to be ready to jerk forward. Once you fall, raise your hand so we know that you’re ok.” Samantha grinned, and the boat went flying off. She fell and raised her hands soon after. It was a very fun experience, and she set herself up and asked to go again.

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