Punk will never die chapter 4

March 3, 2011
By iluvmcr2010 SILVER, Kingston, New York
iluvmcr2010 SILVER, Kingston, New York
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I get up the next morning, and head out the door. I get outside and see that someone keyed my car. Damn it! Why can’t I ever seem to get a break? So I get into my newly keyed car and put it into shift. Bang! I hit a telephone poll. That’s just friking wonderful! Can this day get any better?
Now at Starr’s house, I’m just waiting for her to get out of the door. I see her run out the door. It looks like she has a black eye and there is blood running down her lip. Jesus! What happened to her?
‘Hey Josh’ she sits calmly in my car

‘Babe what happened?!’ I asked
‘Oh Daddy just got mad, he hits me sometimes. No biggie’ she said rubbing her eyes
I don’t know what to say to her. What do I say? Do I bring her to the hospital or something? I feel really bad about what happened to her. Her being in my car right now is all’s its taking me not to go over to her house and kill her so called Father. What a coward! Preying on an innocent young girl like that.
I look over to her seat and see that she’s unconscious. So I make a sharp right turn and head to the hospital. I’m really scared that there is something really wrong with her.
Everything happened so fast, I’m not sure what really happened. I just remember bringing her into the emergency room, them putting her into a room and pumping her stomach. Apparently her Father gave her Cyanide in her soda. This is so disturbingly scary. And here Parents aren’t even out here waiting int the waiting room for their daughter to come out of the O.R. That is shameful for sure.

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