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Zoo Day

March 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Steve woke up early Saturday; for it was the day his family was going to the St Louis zoo. This zoo was famous for being one of the most famous zoos in America. When he woke up, he took a quick drink of water, and went off to the shower. For some reason the hot water kept getting cold no matter what he did, but he finished getting ready and went downstairs. The day earlier, Steve’s sister went out and got some Crunch Berries for him. He figured it was going to be a good day. Going to the Zoo and eating Crunch Berries, what could go wrong? Of course, Steve’s father was late to get ready, as he always is. Finally his dad came downstairs and with that the family was in the car on their way. It was a sunny day in January, but the air was frigid. Steve made sure to wear his favorite pea coat and flannel shirt. With a combination like that, he could never get cold. Steve’s mother has a fairly nice DSLR camera that she let him bring along with him. Steve had always liked taking pictures of things, and he was hoping he would be able to get plenty of the penguins. Steve’s sister, Victoria, had to stop by her in-laws house so we could get their zoo parking pass. After a long drive to the in-laws house, they were at the park where the zoo was located. The family had a quick lunch before going to the zoo. It was a very nice park. One that made Steve wish that he lived in this town. It was beautiful, with all of the tall trees, and a small pond right next to the zoo. We entered the closed off portion of the zoo, and Steve could already tell why it was so popular. In the commons area of the zoo, there were big fake animals hanging from the ceiling. He jumped at the sight of the giant squid, but when he realized it was only fake, he quickly laughed it off. They walked outside to go look at the animals, and cold air blasted into their faces. The first animal they saw was a small looking bear. It was asleep so they decided to keep walking. They entered the penguin exhibit, quickly to realize it was colder inside than it was outside. They stood in the penguin exhibit for a good half hour or so. Steve also learned that his brother in-law’s parents contribute to the penguin exhibit in the zoo frequently, and have a plaque near the exhibits’ entrance. After they left the penguin exhibit, they went and looked at the more exotic animals. This was an outdoor area, so most of the animals were inside because of the cold weather. The family fawned over such animals like Zebras, Giraffes, Buffalo, and Ostriches. They kept walking, through the bird cage, and into the monkey exhibit. They thought the penguin area smelt bad, until now. The monkey exhibit smelled like straight up feces. There were tons of monkeys in there, all inside of a glass case. The space where the monkeys could roam was huge, filled with trees and other things that the monkeys could climb onto. As I walked through, I could see baboons, and chimpanzees. An orangutan came out from under one of the trees. I kept looking, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something very strange. There was a gorilla, pooping into its hand, and eating it. The strangest part about this was the fact that it was swooshing the poop all over its mouth, as if it hadn’t tasted it enough. After the gorilla ate and swallowed the poop, it pooped into its hand again, and kept eating it, doing the same swooshing motion with the poop. It ate the entire poop clump, and then it went back for more. Instead of pooping in its hand this time, it scooped out its butthole for the leftover poop. The gorilla started to get really pumped up, as if there were steroids or something of that sense in the feces. The gorilla then started banging on the glass, trying to get to the other side. I heard a slight crack, and then the giant monkey broke through the glass. It went straight for another spectator and started beating them to death. By the time the animal control people could get to the gorilla and contain it, it was too late. The lady was dead. I was speechless. They then evacuated the zoo. It was much more of an eventful day than I thought it would be.

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