The Chocolate Milkshake Disaster

March 3, 2011
By Anonymous

It was a Friday night, Emily and Lauren had just gotten done with dance. Emily was in the car with her mother and her friend Lauren who was going to sleepover that night at Emily’s so they were going to Laurens house to get her clothes and such. Emily’s and Lauren’s family had just eaten dinner from Wendy’s; everyone had a burger of some kind and a milkshake. Emily was the only one who got a chocolate milkshake; everyone else had gotten a vanilla one.
As they were going to Lauren’s house, they had to stop for gas so Emily’s mom was going to the light to make a u-turn. Lauren’s mother on the other hand went through the Lowes parking lot trying to beat Emily’s mom to the gas station, it did not seem to work. So once both cars were off again, Lauren’s mom again tried to beat them, which was when Emily’s mom pulled out a little closer to the house. Emily’s mother did not make it that far away from where she pulled out of the Lowes parking lot.
Everyone was laughing at what was going on in the two cars, especially Emily who had just gotten over the flu about a week before so her reflexes were not too good at the time. She was laughing so hard at what was going on, she ran out of breath, and began to cough quite hard. Then during a cough, the milkshake began to come up, luckily Emily caught it with her hands if she wouldn’t have, the milkshake would have ended up hitting her mother in the driver’s seat. It was then that Emily’s mom asked an important question for Emily to answer.
“Do I need to pull the car over?”
Emily begins to shake her head since she cannot speak, hoping that Lauren can see her in the dark car.
Lauren replies to Emily’s mom, “Yes.”
Emily’s mom pulls into the fire station gravel parking lot, and turns on the lights to see what’s going on in the backseat with her daughter. Once Lauren looks over at Emily she is completely disgusted at what she sees. The now melted chocolate milkshake you can see between Emily’s small fingers. She is so disgusted that she has to look in the opposite direction. Once Emily’s mom turns around she is disgusted to. Not only is the milkshake between her fingers, it is dripping down onto Emily’s clothes. Emily’s mom gets out of the car to open Emily’s door for her so she wouldn’t put thrown up milkshake on the handle. Once the door is open, Emily bends over and uncovers her mouth, letting the melted chocolate milkshake spew out onto the gravel.
Lauren’s mom passes them, and begins to freak out thinking that something happened to her daughter. She then turns around, increasing her speed to go back to where Lauren was and she pulls in. She begins to see the chocolate milkshake, on the ground right in front of Emily freaking out that Emily is sick again. Emily’s mom then walks over to Lauren’s mom’s car laughing, telling her what happened.
“What happened?”
“Emily threw up her milkshake from laughing.”
“Gross! How?”
“She laughed, got out of breath beginning to cough making her throw up.”
“Is she sick?”
“No I don’t think so, she probably just laughed too much.”
“Are you kidding me?!”
“No were not.”
“I can’t believe this.”
“Neither can we.”
Jacob, Lauren’s brother gets out of the car to investigate what happened. Once he does he is also disgusted at Emily for what she did.
“What happened?!”
“I threw up Jacob.”
“Gross it looks like you just ate!”
“Yeah I know that Jacob, you don’t have to tell me that.”
“You’re so gross!”
Jacob then gets back in the car, grossed out at what Emily looked like just then just sitting there in her car. Lauren’s mom begins talking to Emily’s mom who is still laughing at her own daughter.
“Why are you laughing at your own daughter?”
“What she did.”
“I still cannot believe that this happened. She ate the milkshake ten minutes ago, if it was going to come up, it would have come up much sooner.”
“She was out of breath coughing probably her brains out. It may have not wanted to come up, but it had to because of her coughing as hard as she did.”
“You all are just a bunch of misfits!”
Then, Lauren’s mom pulls out and begins to drive home, while Emily is wiping the remaining throw up off of her mouth. Once Emily gets there she goes to the bathroom and begins to wash her hands off in the sink. At the same time Lauren goes upstairs to start packing her clothes and stuffed animals that she wants to bring to Emily’s house. Once Emily is done washing her hands clean she begs Lauren’s mom to let Lauren sleep over. Lauren’s mom lets her still sleep over, so Emily, her mom, and Lauren get in the car, driving to Bi-Lo to get food to eat the next morning.
Once they arrive at Bi-Lo, every one in there turns to Emily to see the mess on her clothes. She completely forgot to even try to get that off of her. Now everyone is making disgusted faces at her at how she looks. The three begin to shop to get the food, and then leave soon after they are done beginning to go to the house for the night. Once they arrive there Emily goes upstairs to change her clothes, and brushes her teeth to get rid of the gross puke taste in her mouth. After that, she goes downstairs to go to bed on the couch, while Lauren takes the recliner chair. They soon go to sleep maybe after five short minutes, they are exhausted after all of the laughter that they did. It was a night they shall not ever forget for as long as they live.

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