No Name

March 3, 2011
By nicole sikorski BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
nicole sikorski BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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My name is... well I don’t have a name, my parents didn’t give me one and they don’t want to give me one. They would rather call me thing, or it. They are like complete strangers to me. "Thing, get over here" she yells at me as if I am deaf. She is my mother. Both of my parents abuse me, my mother makes me clean everything and hits if I have any excuse, my father... I can’t say but the things he does to me are horrifying. They make me feel like I am an elephant in a bird cage and I am ready to burst and trample them. I don’t even go to a school but I want to go to get an education and get a good job when I’m older. I don’t have friends and no one loves me. Why?. I need to get away from here before Its to late for me.
I am treated like garbage; no one wants me around and hates me. I've been planning to get away for about two months now. I have to wait for the right moment." It, get over here before I slap you silly" I run to her. "go sweep the floor". Of course I do what she tells me to do. I hate her! what kind of mother would do this. I cant take it anymore!. I calm myself before I burst. When I am done cleaning the kitchen floor I ask mother a question. "mom, can I please have some thing to eat" I plead to her. “ you have two hands, do it yourself". I go to the kitchen and look for something to eat, all I find is moldy bread. I eat it anyway. I stuff it into my face like I have never eaten before, that feeling of food running down my throat feels soo good. After I go to my room and read my book without mother or father noticing, and I fall into my old rusty bed and fall asleep. I wake up the next morning feeling the same, tired and I don’t want to get out of bed. Mother had told me to wake up and make her breakfast. I say back" we have no food". She tells me that if I don’t make her food in twenty minutes she will literally kill me. I rush and try to think of what I should do. I grab my life savings that is $29.90 and jump out the window to the nearest grocery store. I buy some bread and butter then run back to the house. I make her a sandwich and pass it to her, then run to my room. I think to myself tomorrow is the day I leave this crap of a family.
I take my bag and pack it with everything I need, and stuff it under my bed. I wake up four o’clock in the morning while my parents are asleep, I creep out my window slowly then run as fast as I could. I can’t think of anywhere to go, I stand in the darkness by myself. I walk around the block thinking to myself where am I going to go?, how will I survive with a small amount of money?, what will I do?. I decide to go back home, into my bed and sleep. Before I could go to sleep I think of ways that I can leave and be happy. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier, when both of my parents are asleep or gone I take one of their phones and call the police. My mind is full of ideas but what if something goes wrong, I fall fast asleep dreaming somewhere far away from here. I wake up at three o’clock this time to make sure that they are asleep. I walk cautiously into their bedroom, I look through drawers for a phone or a cell phone. I couldn’t find it there so I looked in my mother’s purse and found her phone. I walked slowley to my room, closed the door and dialed 911. “ hello what is your emergency?” a woman’s voice says to me. “I need police to come here” I answer. “ where do you live?” she asks me. “ 352 Merline road” I say back, good thing I went outside because I saw the street sign. “they will be on there way soon”. “ok” I reply.
I wait for the police to come, I finally see the bright lights on the police car, blue, red, and white. They brake into the house, my parents frightened. I tell the police everything. They grab my parents by the hands and into the police car. I am free. The police told me that they would take me to a foster home and I will have a family that will love me and give me a name. I am safe, and happy like I always dreamed.

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