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Let The Game Begin

March 3, 2011
By JulesHenry PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
JulesHenry PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
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"Tears you may cry....but you shall no drown, so dry off and laugh once more."

Say the word.
Say the word and I’m gone.
Say it.
Why taunt me?
Why hold me still while your moving away?
Why tie me up but leave the knot loose?
Why say maybe when you mean no?
Am I a game to you?
Play me and then when you win put me away for some other poor fool to play.
One day you’ll loose and I’ll be laughing.
See that girl your with, I can see inside her head like she can.
She doesn’t care about you like you want too.
She’s playing you along.
She’s doing what you do.
But in a game of Cat and Mouse who’s the cat and who’s the mouse?
Which one of you will be broken when the trap snaps?
Its fun watching because you’re nothing but pawns in life’s game. Your not the player anymore boy. You’re being played.
See that smile, it’s really a smirk.
See that wink, it wasn’t for you.
See that guy, well that’s not you.
Welcome to my world. She may deliver the final blow when you least expect. She’s a player. Judging your next move before you even know what it is.
Calculating how to win the game.
Its lonely at the top so I hope it was worth a few broken hearts along the way.
I hope you know your nothing if you win the game with no prizes but the thought of every girl you played who was willing to love you.
Well you’ve met your match now.
I see her with that guy... using him like your trying to use her.
Don’t like watching hearts being broken.
But its your own fault.
She’s like a hot poker… cant touch her without getting burnt.
And you… your like the wind… cant touch it and its gone before it was even there.
Months later…
I see you in our spot, crying till your face looks like it may drown in sorrow. I want so badly to go over and hug you and tell you she wasn’t worth it.
But she was.
She was worth ever penny I paid her.
I regret it now…just a little.
Watching you cry like a scarred little boy, it creates a lump in my throat and a weight in my stomach.
I’m watching you. And I’m glad you don’t know I broke your heart. But then why is mine breaking?
Maybe its watching the boy who played me fall… he may be a sore loser now. But winning the final battle doesn’t console my aching heart for the tears he’s crying.
Winning isn’t everything.
But you look at me now… even through the tears you give me that winning smile that caught my breath and stole my heart.
I want so badly to fall for you again.
But I’m tried of the same old game.
Sorry Player my time is done… yours just begun.
Welcome To My World. Let the Game Begin.

The author's comments:
Life's a game...
All of us our players...
You win some...
You loose some...
Just be careful with the moves you make xx

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