James Franco & Jesus

March 3, 2011
That summer so much went through my head. The waves in the pool were like my thoughts, coming and going one after the other. I peered around the corner hoping to see that face. I knew he would have to come eventually. So I waited. And waited. And waited. Just when I was about to give up hope I saw him stride through. He was a sight. He had black hair that was the color of soot and it was uneven because he cut it himself. He was tall- 6 foot 1 inch. It seemed so tall compared to my pathetic five feet. He had muscle. It was summer time, and not only that but also swim season, therefore; he had to build up to give off such a manly persona. And when he turned around, you couldn’t resist that bright smile. For a minute you would’ve thought that James Franco himself was gazing into your eyes. I waved him over. He sat himself in the plastic chair next to mine. This boy wasn’t a boyfriend. He was just a friend. We became friends after he broke up with a girl that had grown to be one of my worst enemies. We connected very fast because of our strong opinions about this girl. You see, this boy, a boy that resembled James Franco so much it would shock you, had too many opinions about girls. James Franco had a new girlfriend almost every week. He would constantly get his phone taken away because of provocative images girls’ sent him. He was a sucker for girls, but he sucked with girls. He never knew how to use them right. I, with my faith, knew that James Franco had a good heart, but a corrupt mind.

Each day I prayed for him. I asked God to please give James Franco another chance. Oh, how I wanted to see miracles be done in his life! His features were flawless, which is what snagged the girls every time. Through all my times of prayer, James Franco seemed to be getting worse. There just seemed to be little to no hope for him. But God kept his name on my heart. I wouldn’t give up on my best friend.

During chapel today, James Franco was saved. With tears in his eyes and God on his mind, he accepted the Lord. He was born again. Emotions coursed through my veins. My eyes rained. His eyes rained. I knew that there was a party in Heaven. This is what I had been asking God to do in his life for months now. He’s like a little brother to me and watching him finally say “I love the Lord” brought me to my knees. When he cried I cried. Through my tears I gleamed with pride. I felt so accomplished beyond words. I’ve been waiting for this day! God really can work miracles, and today He made a miracle out of a 14 year old boy who looks like James Franco.

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MidnightRoyale said...
Mar. 8, 2011 at 8:57 pm


Awww, this is great! Don't you love that feeling, when someone's life gets changed forever and you know you helped? <3 James Franco. Baha.

xxHelloKittyxx replied...
Mar. 9, 2011 at 8:34 pm
thanks!!!!! yes the feeling is great... and yes james franco is one of the best! :)
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