Winter Miseries

February 26, 2011
The young girl walked out of her house tentatively, very aware of the constant fighting going on in the kitchen. It had been happening more and more lately, getting louder as well as more severe. Her father would come home more intoxicated than ever, his words slurring together as he cursed at her mother, calling her names and spewing obscenities every which way. Little Anessa couldn’t handle it anymore; it had become too much for her. As a result of that she had come out of her room, narrowly missing the sight of her parents as she tiptoed her way through the house, every nerve ending on her buzzing with anxiety.

When she had stepped into the bitter cold air of December, she adjusted her coat on her shoulders, flipping the hood over her head to protect her hair from the falling snow. She let out a huff of frustration before she walked across the winding road of the neighborhood, checking both ways as she did. Once she had crossed the paved street, her small feet trudged through the dense snow that had been sticking to the ground, and bittersweet tears feel from her tear ducts, cascading down her red cheeks gently. The further she went into the large forest of trees the more comfortable she became, she felt safe.

Up ahead she could see a clearing; the sun trying to peak its way through the canopy above her, basking on her face and warming it softly. She sniffled softly as her nose began to run, the tears flow down her cheeks becoming more prominent. There was a small patch of ice that crunched beneath her boots as she passed over it lightly, and a small smile graced her sinuous lips at the sound before she entered the large piece of land that was covered by a blanket of snow. She gazed around the spacious area with wide, curious eyes, the beauty of it all catching her off guard.

She sat on the cold ground with a light thud, her legs crossed over each other as she took her gloves off and ran her hands through the soft white powder, her small fingers stinging from the frigid form of water. She stretched back on the snow, spreading her arms and legs wide before she started moving them back and forth, her bell like giggle sounding throughout the large forest as she made a snow angel.

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