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February 25, 2011
By TamoraFan BRONZE, Casey, Illinois
TamoraFan BRONZE, Casey, Illinois
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She finished fixing her hair, and looked critically at herself in the mirror. She was about to grab her bag when her sister pushed the door open. She had the same bright green eyes, and black hair. They were identical twins, and they always dressed alike, in their own preferred color. Her green eyes sparkled with excitement.

“Are you ready, Amy?” she asked. Her outfit, a purple, one shoulder tank top, black skirt, and strappy purple heels, was exactly the same as Amy’s blue one. Both of them had their curly black hair pushed back with a brightly colored headband. Blue for Amy, purple for Alex. Amy nodded, grabbing her blue bag, and tossing Alex her purple one. Alex caught it with a laugh.

Throwing things at me, Amy?” she teased. Amy laughed her evil laugh, and nodded. Then she smiled at her.

“Ready!” she said with a grin. They linked arms, and walked downstairs. When their mom saw them, she laughed.

“Do you two always have to dress alike?” she asked, tugging on her limp brown hair, so different from the girls’ thick black mane. They got their hair from their father, who had passed away when they were young. They looked at each other, and grinned. “Yes!” they chimed, giggling. They did look alike, that was why they each had their signature color. So that others could tell them apart. They heard a honk, and ran outside. That was their ride!

They jumped into the car, hugging their friends. They where off! When they arrived, they grabbed the gifts, and headed into the house. People where already there, dancing to loud music. They saw Sharon, and hugged her.

“Happy birthday!” they called, handing her the gifts. She laughed, hugging them back. She looked older than she really was, with her red hair curled and pulled up in a fancy bun, a few strands left hanging to frame wide violet eyes. Her slinky black dress shimmered. She laughed again, looking like she had a secret. She looked around, as if checking to see if the coast was clear, than she grabbed their hands.

“Now, we’re all sixteen!” she called, pulling them into the kitchen. “so let’s really celebrate!” Their where several people hanging around the kitchen, drinking. She handed them two cans of beer. Alex made a face, handing it back. Sharon stuck her tongue out at her and smiled at Amy. Amy hesitated, than decided it was fine. One drink wouldn’t hurt. Alex frowned at her, giving her a stern look. Amy had always been the one to break the rules, and Alex was always her conscience. But she rarely got listened to.

“Amy, we aren’t old enough to drink!” she said, reaching for the can. Amy pulled it away, frowning at her.

“Hey! We are sixteen. Besides, what could one drink hurt?” She said, pulling the can back, and opening it. Alex frowned again, and turned, leaving the room. Amy followed quickly.

“Alex, where are you going?!?” she called, grabbing her arm.

“I’m going home, Blue.” She said. “I’m not staying if there is going to be drinking. And neither should you!” she said. She waited for a moment, but when Amy did not follow, she turned, leaving. “I’ll call a cab. You have fun.” Alex called sarcastically as she left.

“Wait! Alex, don’t go!” she yelled, running after her. Alex waved, already getting in a recently abandoned cab. The girls who had just left it hurried inside. “I won’t tell mom, but be responsible! I love you!” Alex called. She watched the cab drive away, than went back inside. Alex would be fine. She found Mickey, and waved. He weaved over, holding a beer.

“Hey!” She called. “What’s up?” he grinned, hugging her.

“Not much. Let’s dance!” he said. She laughed, and let him pull her into the dance. She pushed Alex to the back of her mind. She would be fine.

Amy did not know how many drinks she’d had when her phone rang. Mickey was long gone, so she stepped outside and answered it, trying to speak clearly.

“Ello?” she said, looking around.

“Amy! Thank god you picked up, you need to come home right now!” the voice on the line said franticly.

“Wait.” She said slowly. Her head was pounding! “Who is this?” she slurred her words, than repeated them.

“Amy! Are you drunk?” the voice suddenly sounded furious. “Never mind, this is your mother. Stay right there, I’m coming to get you!” she said, hanging up the phone. Amy winced. Now she was in trouble…maybe her mom would have pity on her when she found out about this horrible headache. She sighed, sitting on the bench. Probably not.

When her mother got there, she looked even angrier than she had sounded on the phone, but it also looked like she had been crying. Amy sighed, and got in the car. When her mom started driving, she realized they were going the wrong way.

“Where are we going?” she asked slowly, looking around. They were leaving town. This was not the way home!

“The hospital.” Her mom said shortly. “Your friend, Mickey? He was drunk. Now we know how that happened. Anyway, when he left, he tried to drive home.” She stopped talking again, sounding like she was going to cry. Amy sat up.

“Is Mickey alright?!?” she asked, panicking. Her mother laughed bitterly, crying again.

“Mickey is just fine. When he was on his way home, your sister was walking to Mary Beth’s house, to spend the night. He hit her.” She said, looking at Amy with tear filled eyes. “She was killed on impact.”

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