Living Nightmare

February 25, 2011
By , Campbell, NY
I sat still, hoping they wouldn't notice me. My glasses sat on my nose, one lens etched with a thin line. My heart thumped as they ran past me yelling, "Four eyes!! Where are you?!" The echo of their footsteps encircled my mind as their voices drifted away. Letting out a large breath, I stood, revealing myself to an empty room.

I wiped my face with the back of my hand, the soup still splattered across my cheeks. I felt my emotions take control as a sob escaped my throat. The scene the had played out just five minutes before led me to my corner again.

They had been mad.

They had been cruel.

They had seen my weakness and then took control over me.

I had been stupefied.

I had done nothing to stop them.

I had stood, not knowing I was being manipulated.
Then it happened. At first it was a light push, then the hot soup. Then I ran.

The burns drew patterns on my cheeks as I had ran down the hallway, into this room.

Where I waited as my living nightmare came to an end.

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