The year we Grew Up

February 25, 2011
Do you think anyone would notice

if one day we were just gone?”

I was taken aback when the question

Escaped her lips. “of course they

Would! Mom and dad would be devastated!”

I answered feeling disgusted that my sister

would ask such a question.

“That’s not what I mean. Of course mom and dad

would care, I mean anyone else, friends?”

“our family are our friends.” “that’s what I

mean.” “ what? I don’t get it.”
“Kels, we have no one other than mom
and dad. We haven’t lived our lives,
made lasting relationships, loved another
with all our heart. If we disappeared tomorrow
what would people say about our lives? And
when I say people I don’t mean mom and dad.”

I couldn’t find the answer , I suppose it was

because she had a point. I couldn’t find

anything that the two of us had done that

Involved our parents, but up until this

point that never seemed to be a problem.

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