The Love Equation

February 28, 2011
It was a beautiful Monday morning. I was awoken by the sound of my alarm that was absolutely superfluous, after the infinitesimal amount of sleep I got the night before. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning, tediously working on a few extra credit assignments. Of course, I don’t need the extra points but, it’s always good to look responsible and hard working! I crawled out of bed and donned a green cardigan and a pair of khaki’s. As I indignantly ate the disgusting oatmeal mom made for my breakfast, I pondered what the day might bring. Student government polls were last Friday, and I was bound to be voted president… just like every other year. I have a geometry test today, an English essay due. I sighed. If only you could get more than 100% on assignments! I guess I’ll just let the events emanate from today and try my best; just like every other day.
I stepped outside onto my porch and glowered at the ugly gnome in my mom’s garden. Sometimes, parents can be so multifarious! Some of the time they give you great advice and know just what you’re going through, and other times their indulgence is in grotesque lawn decorations, that somehow indemnify their rosebushes. I continued down the street euphorically. I couldn’t wait to arrive at school! Today, we were going to measure the solar diameter of the sun in Earth Science! I’m technically supposed to be in Biology because I’m a freshman, but I got put ahead in a few classes.
As I walked inside the school, I immediately ran into my best friend, Grace Higgins. Grace was a genial red head. We’d been friends since I could remember! We headed toward the band room to wait for the homeroom bell to ring. As we walked down the hall, we saw some obstreperous boy making excuses at the administrator, Justin Gates was his name. I knew everyone’s name in my school because I felt it was my duty to lead the lost to the path of success… and because I am very organized. I turned to Grace “It’s people like these ruining our school, why can’t everyone just do what they’re supposed to?” I said. When the homeroom bell rang, I walked with Grace to our lockers. I dialed the combination and swung open my impeccably organized locker. I took the lilac air freshener out and nonchalantly sprayed the lockers around mine. Sometimes you just have to do, what you have to do. The day went on normally until 4th period. Global was my favorite subject, for so many reasons. He was one of them. The inexplicable love I had found in my heart for Connor Durvey over the last few weeks had made me giddy and bashful in his presence. Connor had dark hair, long and fluffy past his ears, and his ice blue eyes sparkled like crystals. He walked with such confidence; I guess that was kind of expected considering he was the football captain though. Lately, he was always on my mind…maybe even omnipresent! I kept my eyes down on my agenda as he walked down the row to my right and sat one seat behind, but diagonal to mine. Mrs. Kindle passed out the latest project, and as I turned around to give Kim her copy, I passed a furtive glance at Connor. He looked up instantly and I realized that I had been found out. As I blushed he gave me an incandescent smile. I quickly turned around and tried to sort out the convoluted thoughts swimming around in my head. Does he like me? Does he know I like him? Ugh, why can’t you just focus on your work Amelia?! I had a tenacity to talk to myself, but decided if it kept me focused, I wasn’t crazy. I listened at Mrs. Kindle yakked at us condescendingly. Usually, I can understand exactly what the teacher is lecturing us about and try and apply it to my life...but Mrs. Kindle is way too general with her statements. She told us all how we’re lazy, insolent, and need to get better grades in her class. It was apparent that if she didn’t stop soon, she would probably start talking vituperatively. It was then I realized that Connor was the only reason I liked this class. I had a 98.9% and yet, Mrs. Kindle continued to tell us how flippant we all were. Roger must have been zoning out too because he turned around and asked what I got on the Spanish test Friday. “100%” I said, trying to not draw attention to myself. He chortled. “Amelia, you really need to get out more.” I frowned. I didn’t want Roger’s words to influence me and yet…I knew they were true. Maybe Connor will never talk to me. The bell rang and I walked slowly to lunch, deep in thought. I found Grace at a small table in the middle of the cafeteria. As I plopped down across from her and pulled out my lunch bag, she smiled at me. Grace could tell I was thinking and she let me eat in silence until I finally decided to tell her what was on my mind. I made a quick circumspect to make sure he wasn’t around and then began, trying to be compendious. “Okay, so let’s say, hypothetically of course, that I really like this guy but he’s on the football team and I’m way too shy to talk to him. What should I do?” I looked at Grace desperately. “Amelia, it’s unequivocal that you’re talking about Connor! So admit it. Just talk to him, find out what he’s really like.” She smiled. “Okay…Grace, I think I can do this! I know it’s completely gratuitous, but I just can’t wait for our love to flourish!” Grace knew I wasn’t being at all acerbic. I had never felt this way before. Sure, I had seen people in love. Maybe I even felt a little empty inside when I did. But I’ve also seen guys asking out girls as a joke, a baleful plan to make the girls ashamed of themselves. I guess that’s why I’ve hedged myself out of all the drama for so long. But now, I knew I loved Connor! I was going to talk to him, the only stipulation being I didn’t throw up first. I didn’t have any more classes with Connor today and had to wait until Global again tomorrow. Suddenly, the day had passed by and I was out the doors and headed home. As I unlocked the door and stepped inside my house, all I could think about was the way Connor’s eyes sparkled when he smiled at me. Perfect hair, perfect smile, prefect eyes…what wasn’t perfect about Connor? I pulled out my agenda and looked under the section for tonight. Just Earth Science and Geometry, I had done the rest in study hall. Geometry was very simple, and I was getting distracted. We were doing logic, and #11 was to write your own conjunction, disjunction, and conditional. Here’s how mine turned out:

Conjunction- Amelia loves Connor and Connor has no idea.
Disjunction- Amelia will talk to Connor or Amelia will throw up.
Conditional- If Amelia tells Connor she likes him then, they will live happily ever after.

“Mr. Vanthorpe will love those.” I said acerbically to myself. At dinner, mom asked me how my day was. “Good” I managed. I ate my spaghetti in silence, contemplating everything that had happened today. It was then that I realized I had lunch with Connor! That would be a great time to start a conversation! I helped dad clean up dinner and headed upstairs to do my Earth Science homework before bed. Tomorrow would be a great day! I awoke the next morning, and jumped out of bed excited for the new day! I had played the entire situation out in my head a million times. I would smile at Connor in Global, and in lunch ask if I could borrow his Global textbook to work on the project we got the day before. It was a perfect plan, and I was ready. At school, I told Grace about what I was going to do. She said she would wait for me next to the water fountain during lunch to see how my plan worked. I was so ecstatic I could barely stand it! More excited than I was to see the topic in Geometry for today! The minutes ticked by slowly. I stared down the clock, and it slowed even more. At last, it was Global time! I grabbed my notebook and raced down the hallway and up the stairs (Not running, mind you! That’s against the rules!). I wanted to be the first one there, and see Connor! I slowed down as I reached a few feet from the door, and strolled in casually, greeting Mrs. Kindle as I set my binder down on my desk. As I went over to use the old, rusty, pencil sharpener by the door, Connor walked in and brushed against my side, ever so slightly. He sat down and I walked to my seat and glided into the chair. I tried not to notice how good hair looked today…but I couldn’t help it. He noticed that I was looking at him and kept his eyes on his paper, smiling. I quickly turned my head away, and could feel my cheeks starting to get warm. In Global we learned about Queen Hatshepsut in Ancient Egypt. She had so much confidence…I wish I did. After jotting a few notes down, I zoned out during Mrs. Kindle’s lecture on how “Ancient Egypt applies to our life today” (something I would have normally been fascinated with). I jumped when the bell rang and felt foolish for not paying attention to Mrs. Kindle. This boy was messing with my head! I needed to stay on top of my work! I nervously headed toward the cafeteria. Connor was easy to pick out of a crowd, tall, handsome…his personality reverberated around a room! (Completely unlike someone as dreadfully boring as me). I walked toward his general direction and made my way to the “football player table”. This was it. “Hey, Connor.” I managed to spit out. “Hey, you’re Amelia right?” he looked at me with those eyes and I had to catch my breath. “Yes, I was just wondering if I could borrow your Global textbook to work on the project we got yesterday.” I hadn’t thrown up yet! “Actually, I lost my book a few weeks ago.” He said, without much thought. “Oh.”I said, trying not to let his irresponsibility change my attitude towards him. “You’re really smart, right?” he asked sincerely. “I guess you could say that. Why?” I was very curious. “Well, can you help me with this Biology question?” “Sure, what is it?” I asked. I have to label the nucleus of this cell, is that the line thing around the outside of the cell?” I couldn’t believe he was actually serious. The love of my life was intellectually challenged. “No. It’s the circle in the middle.” I said, almost irritated. “Oh. Thanks!” he smiled and I mumbled a few things to myself as I walked away. I met Grace at the water fountain and she looked at me with excitement. “So, how did it go?” she smiled warmly. “I talked to him. Let’s just say, behind that beautiful face, he doesn’t have much going for him. I don’t think it’s going to work out.” Grace nodded her head and I walked to study hall quietly. As I sat down, Roger interrupted my thoughts when he came and sat next to me. “Hey, Amelia.” “Hi.” I was still upset about Connor. “So, I was wondering if you didn’t have too much work to do, if you would like to go bowling with me He smiled. I was so confused. I mean, Roger was a nice boy but I had never really noticed him. Although I was surprised at the invitation, I couldn’t help but notice his amazing smile, now that I had my mind off of Connor. “Yes, I would like that a lot.” I smiled too. As Roger walked away, I pulled out my Geometry homework that was obsessed with Connor and slowly ripped it to confetti.
It was time to start over.

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Beachgirl1 said...
Apr. 11, 2011 at 11:49 pm
Wow this is FANTASTIC! I mean it! it totally captured the essence of life, and how you shouldnt just judge people by their cover! BRAVO!!!
dontforget This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
Apr. 12, 2011 at 8:01 am
thanks! This was one of my first short stories. I'm glad you liked it :]
Beachgirl1 replied...
Apr. 12, 2011 at 9:27 am
no problem!
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