Memories, few and far behind

March 1, 2011
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Memory # 1:
You drove up to her house; it was your first date. Excitement and nervousness filled your head. You walked up to the door, and rang the doorbell. You waited a full five seconds; that was when you started to second guess yourself – maybe she stood you up, maybe it was all just a sick joke. Besides, she was way your of your league anyways. But then, a miracle happened, and the door was opened. Before you stood the most beautiful seventeen year old girl you have ever seen in your life. The way that yellow dress flowed away from her body just above her knees, made your heart leap right out of your chest. Then and there you knew she was the one.

Memory # 2:
The violins started playing The Wedding March and you could barely contain your excitement. The second she stepped into the isle you could barely keep from crying. You were so happy to finally marry your one true love. She was so graceful as she glided down the aisle, one arm looped through her father’s the other holding a gorgeous bouquet of yellow lilies. While you were planning the wedding you didn’t want her to get those yellow lilies. They were much too expensive especially for something as simple as flowers. But as usual she persuaded you into getting them. While you stare down the aisle at your beautiful bride, you completely forgot about the outrageous cost of the flowers. All you could think about was the wonderfully woman who was holding them.

Memory # 3:
The rooms were painted yellow, a happy cheery shade. You started counting the ceiling tiles, but after a while you just gave up. You started pacing back and forth through the hospital hallway. You were nervous and excited at the same time. Your wife was giving birth to your first born child in the next room. You realize that you should probably be in there with her, but you cannot stand the sight of blood. You wait for what seems like forever, until you hear a shrieking cry from the other room. Terrified, you run to the room, thinking the worst, when suddenly you see the source of the crying; your new baby girl. That shrieking sound was the most beautiful noise you had ever heard.

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