Hardest to Forget

March 1, 2011
Every breath I take and every step I take, I wonder if it’s the right move. I turn slowly in every direction, looking for him, hoping to see him one last time before I make my decision that could separate us forever. I’m walking down the path and I start with light all around me. Then the light slowly starts to fade away, and I’m now all alone. I’m alone to make my own decisions, no matter the consequence. As I’m walking the path, alone and scared, I feel something. I feel like there is someone there beside me, guiding me in the right direction. I feel the presence of a guardian, showing me right from wrong. When I feel them around, I keep hoping that if I turn around, I will see you. The one I wish I never let go, but at the same time I’m glad I did. I just wish that you were still watching over me. The days go by and I feel empty and sad but there are moments in the day were I feel happy, for once. The tears start to settle inside me knowing what’s done is done, and that whatever happened between them may have been hurtful, but in the end it was worth it. Every time I look down the lightened path, I see you, but you’re slowly fading away into a mist of nothingness.

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