Six Flags

February 28, 2011
By TheNoToRioUsBaBYGurL BRONZE, West Paterson, New Jersey
TheNoToRioUsBaBYGurL BRONZE, West Paterson, New Jersey
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"Wee-woo, Wee-woo." The ambulance came. "Hurry get that kid inside immediately," yelled one of the paramedics. He was rushed to the nearest hospital, which was two hours away. His parents were informed immediately from the back of the ambulance where he lay quietly, his eyes closed. His parents rushed to the hospital.
Damian wasn't a normal boy. There was something about him that set him apart from other hot, fourteen-year-old guys. He gave his homework in on time and was respectful to the teachers, but other than that he was an epileptic. He didn't suffer from seizures that often. That was until the day Damian died.
Damian was only a child. He had his lovely mother, Anissa, and his caring father, Manuel. They were very fond of their son and only wished to protect him and assist him if he needed help. However, because of Damian's epilepsy his parents didn't allow him to do many things alone. He was always dropped off and picked up from school by his mother. He was also never allowed to join extra curricular programs that involved him leaving the house before or after school.
His parents were very protective of their son because they knew that one day might be the day that their son suffered a terrible seizure and was admitted to the hospital for getting hurt or dying. That is how everyone remembers the day that he died. When he died we were alone. No parents or adult supervision, it was just he and I.
Damian knew how much I loved the October Fest in Six Flags and how badly I wanted to go. Damian hadn't been there in ages. The last time he went to Six Flags was when he didn't have epilepsy and wasn't even tall enough to get on the rides. Now he was ambitious and anxious to get on Kingda Kai, the largest and fastest roller coaster in the world, not to mention how he towered over me like a giant now. Now he was determined, and if you knew Damian, you knew if he had a plan he stuck to it.
He went home with his mother after school and saw that she was in a good mood. She was sitting down watching the television and laughing at the pranks on her favorite show. He sat down next to her and laughed. Smiling he waited patiently for the commercial break so he didn't interrupt her. Then he began, "Mom," he paused then continued, "Would it be OK if Dani and I went to Six Flags this weekend for October Fest? I already have our tickets." She paused the show and turned to her son. "Sorry baby, Papi and I have to go to work this weekend." He immediately turned to her and said, "OK Mom, I understand, but, what if just me and Dani go? Her mother could pick us up and drop us off, plus we both have cell phones." His mother turned off the television. She turned and said, "You know you can't go anywhere by yourself." he replied silently saying, "Alright Mom." Little did she know that he was going with or without permission.
He came to school the next day and ran up to me. He gave me a Party City magazine. I was confused until he told me to open it. There it was. The two tickets along with backstage passes to ride on the parade float. When I loOKed up I couldn't stop smiling. Then he told me something. He said, "I got these for you because you're my favorite person in the world and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd do this for. Oh and keep the magazine. We're going on Halloween, so buy yourself a cute costume." He smiled and left.
Finally, the day came. Damian had told his mother that he was coming to my house for a couple of hours. We left as soon as we wOKe up and rushed to the theme park. My mother dropped us off and the fun began. We rode all the roller coasters at least twice then headed for Kingda Kai. We rode it and couldn't stop laughing. Apparently the man who appeared to be a tough biker turned out to be a high pitched, screaming little girl. Finally, it was time for the parade. We ran to the trailer where all the ghouls and goblins were getting on the float. We got on, and before we drove off he whispered a special something in my ear. I love you. The three little words that made my heart race faster than a cheetah. My best friend of 7 years loves me.
Then it happened. As the music stopped and the smOKe started going he fell. He fell of the float and started shaking. He was having a seizure. My heart stopped. I jumped off the float, ran next to him and called 911. I put my heart against his chest. I started to cry. Tears ran down my warm cheeks like a waterfall. Damian had stopped breathing.
"Wee-woo, Wee-woo." The ambulance came. "Hurry get that kid inside immediately," yelled one of the paramedics. He was rushed to the nearest hospital, which was two hours away. His parents were informed immediately from the back of the ambulance where he lay quietly, his eyes closed. His parents rushed to the hospital.
As we stand around his hospital bed we finally accepted the truth. Damian was dead. My best friend was now gone. I couldn't believe it. I knew it was reality however a piece of my heart wouldn't let me believe he wasn't going to be around anymore. That is why no one, not even I, can forget that day.

The author's comments:
My teacher gave me a homework assignment to write about a boy's trip to Six Flags. I was writing this at midnight hoping not to get anything lower than a B, but to my surprise My teacher wrote on the bottom, "This is a BEAUTIFUL story. I am very impressed with your writing." My story also came back with a sticky note that read, "TEEN INK? =)" This was my first story that came back as a 100 and it spoke to me. It made some of my relatives cry and my friend who mother works at a magazine read it at her job. I just hope it will get published for my teacher to see that I thank her for believing in me and so I can show this to my friends. =)

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omg this is one of the most beautiful peices of writing i have ever read in my life you are a great author

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