The Secret Life of a Hobo

February 27, 2011
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Many people may think Hobos are people who don't have money because they spend it on alcohol, drugs, or Justin Bieber T-shirts. These people may have a point. Although a hobo really has a hard life.

A part from just not having a house, Hobos have to raid trash cans for food rising attack from raccoons. Hobos also have to fend against bum rollers. Bum rollers are people who beat up hobs for fun and sport. It may be really fun to beat up hobos in an alley or in public but is not right.

Hobos are indigenous to mainly big cities where poverty is high. Some big hobo areas are New York, Los Angles, Chicago, and so on. Hobos used to live on trains much of the time being able to jump on and ride around the country eating sardines. That's for the most part where a hobo would live.

Population. The population of hobos has decreased over the years because of the lack of extreme poverty. Although with Obama as president we might be seeing more.

Hobos have a really hard time if the live in L.A. Because of the Justin Bieber fans attacking them for Justin Bieber T-shirts. Hobos also have challenges keeping up with fashion trends of hobos. Hobos may not have much money but that doesn't mean they don't have a tend like snail slime on mud and cat pee on a ripped up jacket. Or maybe they wear a t-shirt with coffee steins mustered and other condiments. But even hobos have fun though. There has been hobo conventions like in Britt Iowa 1900. In these conventions hobos are feed and a King and Queen hobo are chosen.

Hobos have a very hard time finding the right thing to sleep on. Most sleep in soggy wet trash with rats. They also can live in dumpsters or in sewers during the winter.

Bob the Hobo when Interviewed about being a hobo said “It can be hard being a hobo.” “People always make fun of you for having a grocery cart and wearing torn cloths.” “Some people think that hobos are people who wear old, torn, pants, shirts that are dark brown with little stains and little torn pieces of fabric.” “Not to mention winter weather conditions and Justin Bieber fans.”

Overall Hobos have hard lives they get beat up have dirty old trash to sleep in and are made fun of daily by people like me.

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