The Epic of Sonya

February 27, 2011
By KiraTheKiller GOLD, Clarksville, Missouri
KiraTheKiller GOLD, Clarksville, Missouri
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Yes! The weekend!!
The short-term goal for all high school students. The only reason we even go to school, really, except to socialize. The weekend.
Turning on the video game, I began my quest where I’d left off. I’d thought I could defeat Zant, the evil king of Twilight, but to my dismay he turned Link back into a wolf and almost killed Midna. Now I had to see Princess Zelda.
I was running through Castle Town when the phone rang. Still playing, I answered. “Hello?”
“Sonya! What’s up?”
“Not much.”
“Oh my gosh, you’re playing that game again, aren’t you?” Brooke sighed. “Haven’t we told you being addicted to video games is bad? It would help if you stopped sometimes and went to the mall.”
“Let’s go to the mall. I need a new game.”
“Ugh, you’re not listening to me! Fine. I’m going to three-way Macy, and then we’ll both yell at you.”
“No, wait—” But she was gone. I sighed and kept playing.
A moment later I heard Macy’s voice. “Sonya, are you there?”
“I’m here.” I didn’t pause the game.
“Sonya, blah blah blah this, and blah blah blah that. Blah blah games, blah blah social life, blah blah boyfriend.”
Obviously, I wasn’t listening. My friends meant well, but I just didn’t feel the urge to try. I’d met Macy and Brooke in middle school, before the video games. We used to hang out at the mall alot. But now, that kind of thing just seemed…pointless. At least when I was playing the Legend of Zelda, I was saving an entire world from sure doom.
“Sonya! Put the controller down! I’m talking to you!!!”
Sighing heavily, I paused the game. “What?!”
“Just listen! I realize you are totally in love with Link and want to marry him, but unfortunately, HE IS NOT REAL. He may end up happily ever after with all the effort you put in, but maybe you could try harder at real life.”
“I have…a life.”
“A life besides sitting in front of the TV? That’s why Brooke and I are taking charge. There’s a party tonight at Shawn Denver’s house. You know who that is, right?”
“Please. We’ve been in the same class since fourth grade.”
“That’s great.” Macy’s sarcasm practically dripped through the phone. “Anyway, he’s having a costume party tonight, and you are going.”
“Yes. We love you enough to want to help you.”
“We’ll pick you up at seven-thirty. Be ready!”
I hung up.
The clock said it was three-forty-five. If they’d be here at seven….then I had plenty of time to keep playing! I picked up the controller and resumed the game.

Hours later, my bedroom door slammed open.
“You’re not ready yet?” Brooke was surprised.
“Sonya.” I felt Macy’s heavy gaze on my back.
Before I knew what was happening, Macy turned off the game.
I felt like crying.
Then Macy and Brooke styled my hair and put me in a pink flapper dress matching theirs. I felt like a Barbie.
Macy started leading me out of my room. “Let’s deliver this beauty to her knight in shining armor.”
“Or some nerdy kid in a tunic…” Brooke added.
“Wait, wait! I don’t wanna do this anymore!!”
After a struggle, they dragged me to the car.
At Shawn’s house, the walls pulsed with heavy-bass music, and people danced in a group. The costumes varied already, from a group of angels to pirates and even someone dressed like Jim Carrey from The Mask.
A biker walked past and winked at us, smiling flirtatiously. When he was gone, my friends exploded into giggles. I didn’t see what the big deal was.
“We’re gonna get some drinks. We’ll be right back,” Brooke told me.
“And don’t think about leaving,” Macy threatened.
They flitted away, leaving me standing there. The dancing crowd was growing, and I was about to be sucked into it. Glancing around, I saw an empty couch next to the TV. I quickly fled and sank into the seat, happy to have escaped alive. I figured I’d just wait for my friends there.
So I waited. And waited.
Time passed. I stared around the room, admiring first the giant TV, then the game consoles beneath it. Eventually I resorted to looking at the drab artwork on the walls, trying to decide which artists were insane.
Suddenly a rockstar stepped in front of me. “Hey. You wanna dance?”
I noticed that a slow song had come on. The dancers partnered up, swaying to the rhythm. The rockstar grinned. After a moment, I took his hand. He wrapped his arms around me. It was nice, dancing. Maybe this was what my friends meant. Slow dancing wasn’t the most exciting thing ever, but it was better than sitting in the corner.
When the song ended, I stepped back and smiled, suddenly shy. At the same time, another guy walked up and slapped a wad of bills into the rockstar’s hand. “Dude, you totally won that bet. I didn’t think she’d actually dance with you!” Both boys laughed and walked away.
I blinked twice, completely blindsided. I went back to the couch and stared at the floor. That guy had only danced with me because of a bet?? I felt used. I didn’t think he’d be my next boyfriend, but it hurt to think that he’d only talked to me to get money. To distract myself, I studied the tower of video games. They didn’t have The Legend of Zelda. I wished I was home, playing to my heart’s content.
Someone sat next to me. “Great party, huh?”
“Yeah, real fun,” I replied. I didn’t look at him.
“I know what you mean. People are dancing, but that’s about it. Not very exciting, you know?”
I laughed drily. “Yeah.”
“So tell me, why are you sitting over here alone? You didn’t come by yourself, did you?”
“No,” I said, turning to look at him. “I came with my friends and—” My words stopped as I noticed his costume. Green tunic, off-white leggings, elf ears, and—of course—the trademark pointed green cap.
He was Link from The Legend of Zelda.
He smiled. “And?” he prompted.
My mind froze. “And they left me.”
He looked concerned. “That’s not cool. I’d be mad if my friends left me.”
“Yeah. I like your costume.”
He laughed. “Thanks. I was gonna come as Link and Zelda with my girlfriend.”
“Oh. Girlfriend?”
“Yeah. But she was totally against it, and I don’t wanna be with someone who doesn’t get me. You know?”
“Do you play Zelda?”
I nodded vigorously. “All the time.”
“I love it. You know, you could be Zelda. Your hair is perfect. And if you took the fringe off your dress, it could almost be hers.”
“You really think so?” I stared at him wide-eyed.
“For sure. By the way, my name’s Kasey.” He looked at me eagerly.
I smiled. “I’m Sonya. But you can call me Zelda.”

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for my speech team, for the Creative Original category. This is a shortened, briefer version, but I think it's still pretty funny. It won me 1st place.

Video gamer Sonya wants to spend the rest of her life zoned out in her games. Her friends Macy and Brooke have other plans. It becomes a clash of the will in “The Epic of Sonya,” by Kira Foster.

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