Jealousy Kills

February 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Detective Tony Braxton’s day started off like any other day. He got up, got changed, made his coffee and went to work. There wasn’t much going on in the office, as there aren’t too many homicide cases in San Francisco. Tony and his partner, Detective Stephen Clark, are in the special homicidal investigation unit of the police department. Tony is a very logical and intelligent man that is young and looks to be a good field agent in his long future ahead. He’s not long out of training and is still learning the tricks of the trade. Stephen is a long time detective and knows every little thing about doing his job right. That’s why Tony was partnered up with Stephen. So he could learn from the long time pro.

Tony was just hanging around his office finding something to do, when suddenly his Captain walked in with his partner. They closed the door and threw a folder with some papers in it onto his desk. His captain said “A gruesome homicide occurred last night. A young man and woman, most likely boyfriend and girlfriend, were murdered. They had been on a date and went home to the man’s apartment. When we first went into the apartment, we found the victims lying dead in bed next to each other. We believe that they were followed from the restaurant they were eating at. Also, we do not know if this was random or if he knew the victims and we do not have any idea on a motive. I would like you and your partner to go down there to take a look and see if you can find anything out about this murder.”
Tony responded, “Yes sir. We will take a look and see what we can find.”

Tony and Stephen headed down to the spot of the homicide located somewhere in the Sunset District. When they got there, everything was blocked off with caution tape but they were allowed in. When they got inside the bedroom, they were immediately in shock. The site of the murder was disturbing and sick, but they had to search for evidence and anything that might help them solve the murder case despite the rotten smell and sight.

As they were investigating, Tony and Stephen noticed that the two bodies were placed in a sort of sexual way, clearly showing that they were having some sort of sexual relations. The two investigators came to the conclusion that this murderer might be trying to express love with his murder and could be partially psycho by doing so. Or maybe that he is jealous and wants to be loved by somebody. They couldn’t make out what he was trying to do for sure, though.

At the end of their time at the scene, they inferred that the murder was random and the murderer had no relations to the victims, there was no clear evidence of who the murderer was, and finally, they don’t really have a motive for the murderer, but he might be a jealous man or just not right in the head. They also do not know if he will murder again.

They reported this back to their captain and called it a day. They went home and slept until they had to go to work again the next day.

For the next week and a half or so there wasn’t much going on until another strange case was reported. It was another murder. Again it was, they believe, a boyfriend and his girlfriend.

Tony and Stephen went to investigate this case, too. They noticed that the previous murder shared similar traits with this new one. But this murder occurred in a car in Golden Gate park. The man and woman were both stabbed multiple times and placed in a sexual position similar to the first murder. They believe that the motive has to be the same as the first murder because of the style of the murder. But, this time the murderer might have made a mistake. There was a glove in the car, and they took it in as evidence. The two detectives both agreed that there must be a connection between the two murders.

They got back to the station and gave the evidence to the Forensics unit to be tested to see if they could match any DNA with anybody. The two investigators also went to their captain and told him that they believe there was a connection and told him that there are a lot of similarities between the two cases. The Captain told them to keep investigating and working on the case.

Tony waited out the next week for the results to come in. They arrived and it said that the glove belonged to a man named John Hightower. He was a previous convicted criminal, committing two cases of Sexual assault and one case of battery. He was sentenced to prison for fifteen years but got out early because of good behavior. It says he is currently thirty eight years old, average height, dark brown hair, brown eyes, with an unusual scar on his neck that stands out. He also suffers from psychiatric problems from time to time but doesn’t seek to help his problem.

As soon as Tony got this, he found Stephen and showed it to him. Stephen was not surprised to see that some of their assumptions were correct about the murderer like him not being mentally stable. John Hightower’s previous crimes of Sexual assault also show that he might have some social problems with the opposite sex. This could be a vital piece of evidence because he is murdering men and women that are in sexual relations with each other. This is something that John could never have and that could be why he’s murdering the men and women, because of jealously or envy.

So, they found out that the John lived in the Excelsior district of San Francisco. They decided that they would check out the house the next day.

The next morning they headed out for Mr. Hightower’s house armed and ready in case of a shoot out or anything like that. When they arrived at the house, it looked old and didn’t seem to be kept in the best shape. It had that old moldy look to it.

They knocked on the door three times and nobody answered so they broke the door down and went inside with their weapons drawn. They checked three of the rooms downstairs and nobody was there.

Then all of sudden a man ran out of the closet and there were two loud shots fired. Tony managed to get a few shots off at the man, but he escaped. He turned to Stephen and then saw that he had been shot in the shoulder once. He immediately called 911 and an ambulance came for Stephen.

Tony continued to search through the house for anything he could find that might help him with the case. He went to look downstairs in the basement and found an odd looking refrigerator like case. He cracked open the case and was traumatized to find pieces of human bodies frozen. It was outrageous to find this and he immediately called in for backup to search the house and help clean out the case.

The Forensic team searched the house and took DNA samples of the body. They looked thoroughly through the house and found a gun and large kitchen knife in John’s bedroom. They also took those weapons in for evidence. They didn’t really find anything else, though.

Stephen was taken to the hospital and it turned out that he would be fine, as there were no vital arteries or organs maimed by the gunshot wound. But he would have to stay in the hospital for a while until he reaches his maximum health again.

For the next few days, Tony continued to try and find John so they could bring him in and convict him. Once again, another homicide came up. This time it was near Richmond district. It was the same style as the previous murders of John so they assumed that it was him again.

Tony looked up John’s family to see if he had any. He found that his mother lived in the Richmond district of San Francisco, and this is where the last murder took place. So, Tony decided that he should go check it out to see if he could find anything new.

Tony drove to John’s mom’s house alone without any backup. He wasn’t suspecting there would be any trouble.

He knocked on the door and an old woman answered. It was John’s mom, Mrs. Hightower. Tony asked if he could come in and she let him in. He asked her a few questions and about John and looked around for a bit, but nothing substantial was found. She said she hadn’t heard from him in years.

Then, without warning, there were gunshots fired at Tony. Tony dove to the floor to protect himself from the onslaught of gun shots. It was John. His mother lied and was covering up for him.

Tony looked up and fired a few shots at John but they missed their target. It was a shootout and it went on for about another two minutes. Tony called for backup but it was going to take them at least two minutes to get there.
Tony couldn’t let John escape. He got up and made a run for cover behind the couch and shooting as he ran. Tony was shot in the bicep and another bullet grazed his shoulder. They weren’t severe wounds but they hurt him. But Tony also managed to shoot John in the abdomen. He didn’t go down, though.
In another instant, John made a run for the front door while Tony was reloading his gun. Tony quickly put the cartridge into his 9 mm pistol and fired four shots into John. He dropped dead.
Right after that happened, the backup arrived with ambulances. Tony was taken to the hospital to make sure his arm and shoulder would be alright. He was congratulated on finding the murder and solving the case. His captain and partner were very proud of his actions and him being able to solve the case despite his young age and lack of experience.
John was taken away in a body bag, just like the rest of his victims. He ended up being found guilty with of murders and also having being charged with two cases of Sexual assault and Battery. He was a man of insanity and jealousy and jealousy kills.

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