The Girl Who Played Baseball

February 27, 2011
By ox18softball BRONZE, Waterloo, New York
ox18softball BRONZE, Waterloo, New York
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It was a bright sunny spring day. The type, where the shining streams of sunlight, quickly dry the dew on the grass. Her name was Lauren. She was a ten year old girl ,and today was the first day of baseball. She had always played softball when she lived in Florida, but she wasn’t in Florida anymore. This past fall Lauren’s family had moved to New York because her father, Mike, had gotten an offer for a better paying job and he took it. Lauren loved to play so much that she had to play. It didn’t matter to her, if it was baseball.

When Lauren and her father arrived at practice, she was the only girl there. All of the boys looked at her funny ,because at that age ,boys thought they we better than girls. They whispered to each other ,and she knew that they were talking about her. Lauren didn’t care. She knew that she could beat anyone of these boys. As the practice went on she could tell that even the coaches didn’t like that a girl was on their team. She practiced very hard more so ,than any of the boys there. They new ,she was for real ! However she was still a girl.

It was here! Game day! Lauren was excited to play. She had learned since she started baseball two weeks ago, that she was the only girl in the entire league. This scared her a bit and made her nervous. But she could prove any boy wrong. The game was very exciting and filled with a lot of action. However, Lauren didn’t play. She knew it was because she was a girl. Lauren was upset when she went home. Her father told her not to let it bother her, because if she worked harder than any of the boys, and she wanted it more, that eventually, her day would come.

Her father’s words stuck with her. Lauren worked harder at practice than the rest of her team mates. She finally got some playing time, and every time she was in the game she did great, better than all of the boys. But after all they looked down upon her because she was a girl. She was “different”.
Lauren was determined to prove that she really was the best player in the entire league. Her team was undefeated but that could all change next week, when they had to play the other undefeated team in the championship game.

Going into the game Lauren knew that she would not play. She was right. It was the sixth inning and she still did not play. All of a sudden, Tommy, the second basemen, was hurt. The hit ball had struck his leg and he was unable to walk. Lauren was the only sub. She had to go in. Her team made the rest of the outs to start the next inning. The game was tied and it was their last at bat. Tommy was the best hitter on the team and Lauren had to hit in his place. She was determined to prove to everyone that she was better than the boys. When Lauren got up to bat there was two outs and the bases were loaded. However, they still had not scored. It was all up to her.

When she stepped up to the plate she starred the pitcher right in the eyes ,and as the pitch came, she tracked the ball right trough the zone and began to swing. The pitch was right down the middle and after she connected the bat to the ball, the baseball soared and kept going. A beautiful long hit line drive. She didn’t know where it went but she ran, and ran around those bases. Before she knew it she knew it ,she was passing third and heading home. She had done it. She didn’t realize it until she touched home plate but ,she hit it out of the park! Her team mates and coaches all cheered for her and congratulated her. Not only was Lauren the only girl to ever hit a homerun, but until that time no 10 year old in the league had ever hit one out. They won the championship game and went undefeated. They could thank Lauren for that. NO longer would she be judged for being a girl but just a hard working baseball player.

Lauren proved that no matter how young you are ,even being a girl against all boys, you could still do what ever you set your mind to. If you work hard and “will it” to happen, you can do anything! Believe in yourself and your hard work and determination will pay off!

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