And They Now Lived In The Real World

February 27, 2011
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Do you know how it feels when your world takes an abrupt U-turn? When everything turns upside down into a long spiral of never-ending nothingness? Do you know the piercing sting in your heart of a lost love? Helplessness? Hopelessness? How about the gut wrenching realization that your life is, well…s***? And after all that, a black hole begins to appear. It opens it wide void and gets bigger and bigger until its power is overwhelming and undeniable. So your world gets sucked in, succumbing to the over-bearing power of the black hole and then it’s gone. Nothing. You’re left standing there alone. How does that feel now? Horrible? I know.

You see, these fairytale fantasy books try to get you to believe in happy endings. They want you to believe in saviors, princes, knights and special powers, magic, fairies, and love. But what you never see is what’s AFTER the ‘Happily Ever After’. They want little girls to think that they’ll all be princesses and that after they marry the prince, it’ll always be happy with no more problems and everlasting joy. Bull Crap. I know what’s real. What happily ever after really means. Nothing, once again. I’m not a little girl who dreams of being a princess. I’m a woman who knows better. Enough with all this happily ever after mess. Come back to reality.

My reality: sex, school, bratty girls, boys, parties, trouble, people, life! This is my world and even when it gets sucked up into a black hole, I’ve still got to live it and that is reality. For me and anyone else and no amount of fairytale fantasy madness is ever going to change the world. My world. Your world. It doesn’t matter. It ain’t gonna change, so give it up princess.

The End
And They Now Lived In The Real World
[To Hell to Happily Ever After]

It won’t always be a happy and merry-go-lucky place if you even know it as such now. You’re gonna be knocked down and even when it hurts, even when you’re crying and the world has turned its back on you, you’re going to have to get up…. Even when everything and everyone is telling you to stay down.

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