I Remember

February 23, 2011
By Paige Hale BRONZE, Wichita, Kansas
Paige Hale BRONZE, Wichita, Kansas
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Three days ago I went to my friend’s funeral. The details of the day haunt me. I wore a black dress that has no sleeves but a thin strap on my shoulders. My brown hair is pulled back in a bun. I put dark blue eye shadow on my eyelids and then I put eyeliner underneath it. The last thing I did is put on mascara. When I got done with my makeup I grabbed my black slippers and slide my feet in them.

I walked down stairs threw the hallway with some picture frames of my family hung on the wall. I got close to the front door to meet my mom and dad. There they were standing by the door waiting on me. They both looked very nice in black. My dad had on his black suit with a long black tie with glossy black shoes that he wore to his friend’s wedding. My mom has on her black dress that looks like mine but strapless and her strait black hair is down. She wears a white bean necklace around her neck and a bean bracelet around her wrist. She only wears mascara brushed on to her eyelashes and lipstick drawn on her lips.

“Are you ready?” My dad asked softly.

“Yeah” I mumbled. I was trying to not to cry when we got into my mom’s red truck. I shut my eyes and rest my head on the car seat.

I remembered how my best friend and I met when we were in pre-school and we became good friends. We’re 14 years old and we’ve been friends forever. I remembered when we first had a birthday party at my house and she came and brought me silver necklace with a diamond traced around the edges like a heart with words in the middle that says “Best friends forever” and I still have it in my jewelry box. I remembered that on days when I felt sad and she made me feel happy and giggly when she made a funny joke. I remembered she use to always come to my house to play and visit. We watch movies and talk about school and we even go on a walk around the neighborhood. The last thing I remembered scared me.

I was with her when she died in a car accident. The guy in his little golden car was so drunk. It all happened when we stopped at the red light. When we stopped he kept going toward our car without slowing down. Then with a humongous jolt the glass window broke and flew into the air and stabbed my arm! Her car started to honk loudly as the smoke from the car started to fill the car and the cool wind from the broken window blew into my face. I couldn’t see because it’s too smoky and hard to see threw the grey air.

I pushed the red button to unlock my seat belt. I was panicking. I saw my friend Nicky sitting there with her head lying on the car seat bleeding from her forehead. Her parents up in front were knocked out by the air bag. I grabbed the door handle and got out of the car coughing. I covered my mouth with my arm as I cough out the smoke. Then I took a deep gasp of air.

I couldn’t walk on my feet because I twisted my ankle and it started to sting. I fell onto the sidewalk frightened. I see everyone in the neighborhood walk out of their houses to see what’s going on. My arm is throbbing I looked down and saw my bloody arm. I grabbed the glass and pulled it out of my skin and dropped it onto the ground next to me. I held my arm and began to cry and yell. The tears drained from my eyes to my cheeks. I heard a siren from the ambulance and fire truck and three police cars. They pulled up in a circle blocking the street and they quickly got out of their vehicles. The EMTs ran toward me and the two cars with a flat hard board. They set next to by me and I slid onto it as they put the brace over my head and neck then tied the belt around me tightly so I wouldn’t move. There were four men carrying me to the ambulance. As they lifted me up, I saw two fire men helping Nicky by grabbing her out of the car and putting her on to the stretcher. They shut the door so I couldn’t see her any more. The nurse put an IV in my arm with as they checked my eyes. When I got to the hospital they put me in a small room. The doctor numbed my arm and cleaned it off. It took eight of stitches to close the wound. He let me rest for a while.
An hour later my mom came in the room frightened.
“Are you okay?” Her whole body shook.
“Yes, how’s Nicky?” I wondered. I had been wondering if my best friend was okay. She looked at me and held my hand.
“She passed away,” my mom said honestly.
I began to cry and scream.
“No!” I cried.

I awoke from my dream just as we pulled up to the church for Nicky’s funeral. We met her family and her parents then I saw a grave behind them. I walked up to it and touched the grave with tears running down my cheeks and whispered…

The author's comments:
I am a hearing impaired student in the 8th grade. This is the first time I have written a story to try to publish it. I am hoping to become an author.

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