Ben's Painting

February 24, 2011
By Anonymous

We finished the deed. Him and I. He was a player and thought nothing of it. I guess I'm a player too, but since I'm a girl I am more of a sl**. A chubby little sl**.
We lay there for a few seconds. I decided to grab a smoke. I sat up and reached over to my purse. Searching for one. I found one, put it between my fingers and lit up. Took a long drag and blew it out. Then another. I handed it to Ben. He took it and smoked it blankly. After kicking the blankets up I stood. Searching the floor for were I had thrown my clothes. I changed right in front of him. It didnt matter, he had already seen me naked. He also didnt care that i was somewhat curvy. To him getting laid was getting laid. Which is why I didnt care that he was a jerk. The room was slightly warm. It didnt have any posters or decorating, like his probably had. Looking around you could tell it was the 'room'. His buddies and him probably shared it. Taking turns scoring with different girls.
Ben was positioned oddly. Propped up one elbow, the one with the smoke in his hand. He had his legs crossed at the ankles and his other hand between his two knees. He put his hand there when I kicked up the blankets 'cause it got, you know, cold. It was such a femine stance, so ironic. I wanted to draw him. Ben at his thinking moment. I can make the lines dark and straight, so he looks evil. I can draw it smooth so he looks sensual.
Now fully dressed i stood there. His features is what I looked at. The lines and bones and shading. I had to get it right. Dirty flaky feet, dark hairy legs, a small flat a**, muscular arms and a big fat head. Thats how I'll draw him, his head exploding.
Ben stopped daydreaming long enough to see me staring.
"You like what you see?" He said raising his big bushy eyebrows. I walked around the side of the bed right next to him. I plucked the cigarette out of his hand and left. He was left confused and 'cold' in the humping room. Yes, Ben I do like what I see. I like it even better in a painting.

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