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February 17, 2011
By vallery1221 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
vallery1221 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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She’s lonely, has no one to talk too. By just looking at this girl I can tell her whole story. Her mother died last year in a car wreck and her father already has a new wife. Soon she will be a big sister; she does what she does and wears what she wears because of her life.

Combat boots, check, five tubes of eyeliner, check, bottle of gel, check, black lace dress, check, 400 buckles on my pants, close enough. Of course this is all for show. Guess I better do my hair before “mommy dearest”, yells at me. I still can’t believe Dan, my father, decided to marry that evil witch. I still think it is because he got her pregnant, but that’s a different story.

“Raygin, come down stairs. I am tired of waiting,” the witch yelled over the intercom. Great, she’s taking me to the mall. I grab my purse as I stumble down the stairs. I yank my phone off the charger, and check my messages. A total of fourteen, half form Derek the other from Megan. I texted them back quickly then stepped into the kitchen. My dad and Angie were sitting ay the table eating lunch.

“Hey, Rai. How are you?” My dad asked. I still couldn’t believe he got married a month after my mom died. I have resented him for it everyday. I rolled my eyes and pulled a Monster out of the fridge.

“Let’s go.” I walked passed the table and out the door. I climbed into the Camero’s front and slammed the door shut, just as Angie waddled her way to the car. She got in and pushed in seat back as far as it would go, so her bulge would have room.

Once we got on the freeway I saw where my mom used to work. She died just a year ago in a filthy car wreck. She was exiting off the freeway, when this blood sucking lady next to me was not paying attention and talking on the cell phone. She crashed right into the side of my mom’s car. It shot the car right into a light pole; it all went down hill from there.

I have been acting out ever since. I wish I would go back to short blue jean shorts, and lacey tank tops, but it would feel like giving in. Instead I wear long baggy black pants and one florescent color. Angie says I am not allowed to dress this way once the baby gets here. She is afraid it will influence him to much.

We pulled into the mall parking lot where I saw my boyfriend, Derek, and my best friend, Megan. I reached for the door right before she Angie locked the doors.

“What the heck? Why did you lock the doors?” I looked at her, eyes peeled.

“How much money did your dad give you?” She questioned.

“Why does it matter? I’m his daughter not yours.” I un-locked my door and climbed out. I ran to meet my friends, as Angie drove away.

“What happened?” Derek asked as he hugged me.

“Just Angie trying to be my mother again,” I rolled my eyes, “Annoying right?” I grabbed Derek’s hand and turned to Megan. “Let’s go change out of these clothes. I am burning up.”

We walked into the mall and headed straight for Hollister. The bad thing is that Hollister is on the other side of the mall, so all the people would see me like this. On our way people were starting. I wanted to get angry but I couldn’t blame them because I would stare too. We finally arrived at Hollister and even more stares were burning into my back once we got into the store. I found the jeans, t-shirt, and flip-flops I wanted, and stood in line. Megan and Derek found there clothes also and were headed toward me.

After I had my new clothes on, I dumped my old ones in a garbage can. I figured that this is how my mom would have wanted it, and that it wasn’t giving up. I was listening to my mother and doing what is right. It felt like old times, when I walked in the mall with my boyfriend and friend, not all in black but in the clothes that I loved. I know I didn’t like all the black and neon and neither did my friends, they wore it to make me happy. It made it seem as if my mother was still here with me. I walked through the mall, and I finally felt like part of the crowd, again.

The author's comments:
It is real. This happens all the time to teenagers. They loose themselves, and then one day they find them again.

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