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The Ticket

February 17, 2011
By JeremyS GOLD, Sun City, Arizona
JeremyS GOLD, Sun City, Arizona
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Joe and Steve were brothers; they fought a lot, that’s natural, though. Joe was a fun-loving slacker who usually fails tests and doesn’t care. Steve is just the opposite, he is strict, boring, and an all-around unenjoyable person. As you can imagine, Joe and Steve don’t regularly get along. They like all sorts of different things, like ice cream, shoes, clothing brands, the list can go on. The one thing Joe and Steve can agree on is their favorite band, The Plain Unusuals.

The Plain Unusuals were stopping by Steve and Joe’s town on tour for the first time ever. Joe and Steve were thrilled until they saw that the price of each seat was at least $290. Joe and Steve were a little upset, but the matter was, they still wanted to go. They took a flyer they found stapled to a lamppost and headed home to convince their parents to scrape together a measly $580 so the brothers could go see their favorite band.

“No,” Their parents said abruptly. “580 dollars is simply way too much money for us to pay for seats to a concert. Why don’t you buy one of their albums? Now that we can afford.” Joe and Steve’s parents didn’t let up. They still were deadset on going, so they decided to do the less appealing routine of earning the $580 themselves.

The next day, Joe and Steve recruited a little girl they met at the supermarket to sell lemonade for them. The girl agreed and set up a famous lemonade stand in front of Joe and Steve’s house. The whole day went by, the girl’s mom took her home, and Joe and Steve counted $60 in the register. “This’ll be easy! We’ll be getting front-row seats at this rate!” Joe though.

Then, the day after that (Saturday), Joe and Steve woke up early and crashed a community car-wash, to help out. They washed a total of 21 cars by the end of the event and actually got dates for a movie. The car wash brought in $170. “Almost got enough for one.” Steve thought… was this concert really worth it?

So, the next day after that, the brothers did their most craziest thing ever. On Sunday, the brothers anonymously decide to host a yard sale in their front yard. It was full of things didn’t want selling, but their parents didn’t know (they were fast asleep at 7:00 AM). Besides that, the yard sale was very successful and brought in $150 dollars.

As Joe and Steve were packing up the yard sale, a black van drove up. Two men slowly got out and they did not look like yard-salers. They walked up to Joe and Steve and in an intimidating style, asked Joe and Steve for all of their money. The two brothers were very fearful with their parents not there to save them. They gave the $150 up and went inside to call the police.

As the police came and went, Joe and Steve learned that they wouldn’t get their money back. Their hearts both sank to their feet. How could they ever get to see the Plain Unusuals now? Answer: They couldn’t.

“What are we gonna do now?” Joe asked Steve. “I don’t know, Joe. I really wanna go too, but we can’t now, not unless we break in to the concert, but that’s illegal.” Joe paused thinking while Steve said this. Joe was right, that was illegeal, and not very bright. “Man, this freaking sucks!” Joe stomped off to his bedroom very sad.

Steve went to his room and saw where he kept a photo of a ski-trip him and Joe and their parents took as a family 9 years ago. It reminded Steve of how much Joe means to him as a brother and how he would do anything to help out. He took $140 dollars out of his wallet and headed into Joe’s room. Joe was asleep so Steve added the $140 to his stack of $150 dollars on his dresser.

The next day (the day of the concert), Joe was amazed when he woke up with $290 dollars on his dresser. He asked Steve where it came from and Steve didn’t know. He just knew it was nice to see his brother happy.

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