Too Late

February 20, 2011
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The ground was wet with tears; Mother Nature had cried the ones that she could
not. But this time hope didn’t free the sky from the clouds. A solution did, even after
voices rose from the depths of hell.
She watched as they exited the cars with flashing things that sat on top, the
piercing noise that emanated from them.
She assumed the neighbors had called them this time. She hadn’t. She knew better
after what had happened last time. It had only made the situation worse.
Their guns were drawn just like always, shouts from beyond the front door barely
rose over her parent’s voices. A young cop got out of one of the cars; she’d come to
know him as Tristan. In the short while that she’d known him he had become a friend.
He’d saved her life many times, and he had no idea. Tristan also some how managed to
make it to ever call that involved the household, even if he was out of uniform. He’d
become the only person she could trust. She looked at him from her perch, his right hand
was on his gun and his left hand held his cover, the young cop paused, as if feeling her
gaze and looked up at her. He didn’t smile.
Her eyes were strangely dry that day, long tired of this familiar sight.
She looked behind her and picked up the heavy metal object, it was cold and
heavier then what she remembered it being. Ron, her older brother, said he’d come back
to get it and her, but he never did. He hadn’t come back at all.
“So you’re just going to leave me here?” She asked softly from his bedroom door
as she watched him pack a bag, no it was more like he was trying to get a toddlers to take
disgusting cough syrup.
*“I’ll come back for you, ok? But you just need to be strong, ok?”
“Yea. What ever.” she’d scuffed staring out the window
“Here.” Ron said handing her the gun “Take care of this for me will you?”
“Why should I?”
“So I know that it’s in good hands till I come back to get it and the girl holding
“I swear on my life that I will come back and take you way from here. That you
will be ok, that I will protect you. I swear that I’ll come back for you.”
“Fine. But if you don’t, when I die I’ll haunt your a**.” She said half heartily
“You? Die? Please, Hell doesn’t want you and Heaven sure as hell doesn’t want
you. I’d love to see someone try and take you down. You’ll probably live forever.”*

Her phone vibrated to the point that it fell off the nightstand and began a
psychotic dance on the floor as heavy footsteps hit the porch and screams of accusation
echoed them.

“What do you want?” she demanded through the phone. She didn’t need to look at
the caller ID to know that it was that older brother of hers.
“Aurora tell me what's going on.”
“What’s it too you?”
“Cause I care!”
“Then why’d you leave me here?” she demanded, her chest tightened as the tears
suffocated her eyes. “You promised!”
“I-I…” was all Ron could muster
“Is that all you have to say…? That’s what I thought.” She hit the red button, the
one that symbolized disconnection to the person on the other side, then let the useless
piece of human ingenuity fall to the garbage.
*“Mamma! Mamma!”*
The words of a young girl echoed in her head. She could remember a time when
things had been different.
*“Mamma! Do it again, Mamma!”*
When everything had been simple and happy. When her parents had been happy
and when she had still had a brother that she could trust.
*“W-what are you doing? No. Please stop.”*
She could still hear their hateful words; she could still see the mess that had lain
before her. She could still feel her brother’s tender touch as he pulled her away from it
But that touch was the touch of someone bound to betray her, completely different
from the embrace of Tristan when he held her after he’d come to see her bleeding. He
didn’t say anything as he’d pulled her and her arm that was a mess of hot red goop, into
his hold. The house had lain empty of family and dark though the sun was shinny bright.
Her father cursing out a cop and her mother nowhere to be seen. She’d left as soon as
she’d heard the sirens. The glass had become large snow flakes that laid across the floor,
it had made friends with the sand of the one time glasses which had befriended the
splattered blood as well which had married the wooden floors, tables and chairs.
Aurora watched as Tristan dragged her father from the front porch and
with others slammed him to the ground. Tristan some how had known when she was
emotionally hurting, though she didn’t say a word.
But her solution could easily fix it all. She didn’t know when she had come to this
decision but she knew that it could end her emotional suffering. She’d never thought it
would come to this but in a way she had always known. Though she never thought that
she’d let them win so easily. But what was there left for her to do?
*What did anyone care anymore?*
Aurora saw the sports car come to a stop in front of the house; it’s tires screaming
in pain from the rocks and asphalt ripping away at its skin. She knew that no one else had
noticed Ron’s arrival, they were all to busy fighting her parents.
But somehow Tristan must have known her solution as she backed away from the
window. Her finger traced the vines on the barrel of the cold metal.
The front door slammed open. She heard the footsteps on the stairs, the hall, then
more on the stairs. She flicked the switch and pulled back the hammer.
“Aurora!” came Tristan’s voice from down the hall as more footsteps hit the stairs
She was tired. Done. She’d made the decision the moment they had started.
Pausing, her heart failed to beat as the cold metal tapped her temple. They were
all to late save her now.
Her eyes fluttered closed.
Her finger hugged the trigger with envy.

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