February 20, 2011
By Anonymous

Running, running, running. My lungs are about to burst. The soles of my feet are going to split open. One quick glance over my shoulder, that's all I have time for, but he's still following. The knife in his hand, gleaming in the moonlight. Trees get in my way and I stumble on rocks and sticks. He's getting closer, I can almost smell him. Before I know it, I am at a dead end, but I don't think twice and jump off the cliff. My legs and arms flutter in the air, and I cry out when I hit the freezing water that's been awaiting me. He is cursing out when my head surfaces. Cold liquid travels into my nose and mouth, it clogs my ears. But I don't care, he's not coming in after me...I'm safe for now. I only glance up at him once, before swimming away and not looking back again.

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