Hidden behind these eyes.

February 17, 2011
Gnawing at my poor stubby pencil, sitting in class. Bored as can be. I looked up at Stacey. She looked back at me. I turned to face the white board, trying to not get sucked into a conversation at the moment. I felt a pinch and I bit my lip. She handed me a messy note. Courageously, I opened the note and read it.
'Jess, It's me and Jack's second month anniversary!'
I could almost hear Stacey's excitement in the note. I bit my lip. How could Stacey do that to me? She knows I still hurt from Jack.. I was meant for him, not her.

I stuffed my face into my sleeve and wiped away the single tear that had fallen. I scribbled a note back in the corner of the paper:
'Congrats!(: What are you 2 doing for it?'
I tried to write it sincerely. Another tear had fallen by the time I had flung the new message towards Stacey. She opened the note and wrote something back.
I looked at the white board and down at my notes. I thought Stacey had stopped writing me notes, but I was yet again proven wrong.
A piece of paper flung at me and i grabbed it quickly. While opening it, I had hesitated. Do I really want to know the secrets that this note hides? I decided to read it anyway.
'Thanks girl (:, and oh... some things. (; He's coming over that day, I can tell you that much. Me and him are SOOO meant to be! I can tell this is going to last a while. Can you?'
A tear fell.. I couldn't bear it. How could Stacey just act like she didn't know I was hurt? I don't want her to suspect anything though... I should reply.
'Oh, well (; Gtn. And, yes! Omg! You two are so perfect for each other. I can't believe it..'
I carelessly threw the note back to her. Part of the note was true, the I can't believe it part. It was true, I couldn't believe Stacey would do something like that to me. Plink! Another stupid note hit my desk. I rolled my eyes and read it. It wasn't what I was suspecting...

'I miss you.'

I looked at Stacey. She had her eyes focused on the note she was writing me. Wait, what? Then who wrote me this note! I glanced around the room. I saw Jack out of the corner of my eye looking at me. I glanced over at him, he turned around and scribbled down some math notes. I scribbled back:
'I miss you too.'

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Shrien said...
Feb. 23, 2011 at 5:11 pm


So sweet:)

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