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When I Was Young

February 2, 2011
By ashlynn_95 BRONZE, Juneau, Alaska
ashlynn_95 BRONZE, Juneau, Alaska
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Music washes away, from the soul, the dust of everyday life.

When I was young in thee summer, it meant sitting on a plane and flying over thee brown expanse that was the ground. It seemed never ending, full of secrets and knowledge. I would stare out thee window for thee whole 5 hours. Soaking up as much warmth from thee sun as I could through thee small windows. Daydreaming of thee next few months in thee south.
When I was young in thee fall I woke up early, donning my already packed bag and trying on too many colorful outfits. I was excited for thee first day; thee first day of friends, work, and another year of memories.
When I was young in thee winter I dug snow caves and created snow angels and men. A frozen nose accompanied thee days; while thee nights were filled withe hot chocolate and family.
When I was young in thee spring excitement welled up inside of me. It was thee beginning of thee end, but a new beginning. Winter was ending and summer was beginning. School was almost out but that meant goodbye to friends for three months.
When I was young, happiness was abundant. Sun was warm, thee snow, cold. July 4the meant camping and fireworks. Halloween was fun. Christmas meant more than a fat man in a red suit. Birthdays were an excuse for a party, not presents. When I was young, nothing mattered; not thee way you dressed, talked, or ate. When I was young, life was carefree. Growing old was all I wanted. Now, I just want to grow young.

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