Breakin the rules.

February 13, 2011
It wasn’t allowed, but jenny always chewed gum in class, not because of some desire to act out or rebel, but because she always chewed it, period. It helped her keep her mouth busy, she seemed to have a problem with a bored mouth from the time she was a kid, when it wasn’t gum it was pencils, munchies, cigarettes, dicks… et cetera. What sort of trouble hadn’t this oral fixation gotten her into? And of course the one thing she found that was totally harmless, was against the rules in her school, and she just couldn’t understand it. She chewed as sneakily as she could while in school, but somehw she always seemed to managae getting caught.

wow what is this even about where did it come from maybe i’ll try to finish it later but i’m typing with my eyes closed laying in bed so i think i’m gonna fall asleep any second now.

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