Serving Your Country

February 15, 2011
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Day 1

BOOM! I watched truck explode. The mind trembling blast sent hurling pieces of truck into the air. Sergeant Jack Montgomery rushed to the first car from his truck.

“Is everyone Ok?” Jack Montgomery yelled.

He got no answer. He walked back to his truck with an angry glare and tears coming out from his eyes.

“Move on,” Jack Montgomery told the rest of his men. Every truck passed by the destruction of the first truck with tears in their eyes because the first truck had their general Price Jacobson. We all headed back to base awaiting another day.

Day 2

My name is Lieutenant Luke Sheffield and I have been assigned a mission with Clayton Harrison my best friend. We both signed up for the army together. We were dropped off onto a hill covered in grass. We had Ghillie suits on with snipers in our hands. We were lying down with our heads facing the road.

“Enemy supply trucks and reinforcements were expected to come by here,” Clayton said.

“Oh yeah were going to get some action today,” I replied.

About 1 hour later, enemy supply trucks and reinforcements started up the road away from Clayton and I. Clayton told me to take out the enemy soldier on the turret. I fired one shot, hitting the enemy soldier in the head, killing him instantly. Clayton told me to take out the driver. I fired another shot. It missed, and the enemy soldier yelled. All the enemy soldiers were looking on the hill for us. They started to shoot missiles at the hill.

“Should we run?” Clayton asked.

“No,” I replied.

I started to kill everyone I saw. Clayton shot a bazooka killing 10 enemy soldiers. I killed about 20 enemy soldiers in total with my sniper. Clayton shot his last bazooka; the bazooka hit one of the enemy supply trucks, killing the rest of the remaining enemies. We radioed to base to pick us up. About 20 minutes later, a helicopter picked us up and took us back to base.

Day 3

It was about 0.900 hours. I was asleep until I got woken up to the sound of gun fire. The enemy was attacking the base. I suited up and got ready to fight. I went outside and jumped onto a turret. I started to shoot like a madman, killing all the enemy soldiers I saw. The battle was over in about an hour because the enemy retreated. About 50 of our soldiers died that day and 10 were injured. My friend Clayton got shot in the left side of his chest. Clayton was fighting for his life. I was there helping the medics save him.

“If I don’t make it, tell my family that I love them and that I was fighting for my fellow Americans.”

The medics said that he will be fine. He just was saying that stuff because he went into shock. The medics said if they didn’t save him sooner then they did he would have died. I didn’t say a word to Clayton before I went to bed. He needs his rest I said to myself. I fell asleep shortly after.

Day 4

That morning I woke up. I was surprised when Clayton wasn’t in the infirmary I walked up to the medics and asked them where Clayton was.

“I’m sorry Luke Clayton passed away.”

“How,” I asked.

“His left lung collapsed,” I’m so sorry.
I dropped to the floor and started to cry. He was my best friend. The alarm went off and everyone suited up for battle. The enemy was attacking the base again. I suited up. I went outside and started to shoot.
“Luke what are you doing,” Sgt. Montgomery yelled.
I was running right into the battle.
“This is for Clayton,” I yelled.
I started to go on a shooting rampage. All I heard was yelling and gunfire. I started to shoot at the enemy. All of a sudden I felt a pain I never had felt before in my hip. I just been shot I realized. Then I got shot in my leg. I fell to the ground. Soldiers rushed to my side and took me to the medics where they could assist to me. My leg was bleeding so much and it wouldn’t stop. The medic told me I’d been shot in my femoral artery and I was going to die in a matter of minutes.
“Sgt. Montgomery,” I yelled.
Sgt. Montgomery rushed into the room.
“Sgt. Montgomery it has been an honor serving with,” I said as tears were coming down my face.
“It has also been an honor serving with you Lt. Sheffield,” Sgt. Montgomery replied.
A couple other soldiers came in to say their final farewells
Sgt. Montgomery can you give this letter to my wife and two sons saying they I love them and will never forget them.”
“Alright,” Sgt. Montgomery replied.
About 30 seconds later Luke Sheffield died.

Day 5

A funeral was held for Luke Sheffield back in his hometown Wichita, Kansas. At his memorial service one of his sons Zack age 13 spoke of his dad.
“My dad was a great father and man who was fighting for our country. With out are soldiers, like my dad weren’t fighting for us this would not be The United States of America. “Dad I love you and I will never forget you.”

Luke Sheffield was only 35 years old when he died.

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