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It is February 8th, 2011 and tonight is going to be the party of the year at my friend’s house and I have to find the perfect outfit for this event. I opened the door to my closet and pulled out an old blue skirt that I really liked.
Blue Skirt: HAHA, Skylar picked me! I told you guys! Did I not tell you this would happen?! I mean look at me! I’m amazing!
Black Dress: Skylar is actually just throwing you in the trash right now because you’re so old. I’m a new, sleek dress that Skylar will wear to her party of course!
Blue Dress: Um, actually, Skylar hates you and just bought you at the store because she felt bad for you. She knew that you were so ugly and would never get sold.
Red Dress: You guys! Calm down! Skylar is just choosing what she’s going to wear tonight!

Even though I knew that I was probably imagining that the clothes in my closet were talking, but I still decided to respond to all of this commotion, “Yes, seriously guys, I’m just figuring out what to wear for my friend’s party like the red dress said.”
Red Dress: I told you guys. Wow.
Black Dress: That means that there’s still a chance for me to get picked! Yay!
Blue Skirt: I hate to break it to you, but she’s already chosen to wear me. Right, Skylar?

Was this honestly happening to me right now? ‘I think I’m losing it,’ I thought to myself. But I wanted to see where this conversation went so I went along with the blue skirt. “No I haven’t ‘chosen’ anyone yet because I love you all and want to see how you all look.”
Black Dress: HAHA! Wow really, Skylar? You think that’s going to work on us? We are all actually smarter than you think…
Blue Skirt: I hate to agree with the black dress, but it does have a point; we are smart, but I am very smart!

I could not believe this. I decided not to respond this time so I would not sound that crazy.
Blue Skirt: Hello? Skylar? Anyone home? Is she deaf or something? Like really, what do I have to do to get a human to respond to me sometime?
Skylar: Sorry, what was that?
Blue Skirt: Oh, now you respond. I forgot what I was talking about because of your late response; thanks a lot…
Skylar: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.
Black Dress: Okay whatever, now back to me. Skylar! Pick me up, and try me on! Let’s do it girl! We will rock that party!
Skylar: Haha...okay, one second. I just want to see how the blue skirt looks with my white ruffled shirt.
White Shirt: Oh my gosh! Ahh! She picked me! Oh my gosh! I’m speechless!
Skylar: Why?
White Shirt: Because you NEVER wear me!
Skylar: Is that a joke? You’re like my favorite shirt!
Green Shirt: Oh wow, Skylar. Picking favorites? Thanks a lot.
Skylar: I love you too; you both are just different…
Green Shirt: Excuses. What’s done, is done. I guess that you have already chosen…
Skylar: I’m sorry…
Green Shirt: Whatever.

Okay, there was something definitely wrong with my brain right now. I was in a fight with a green t-shirt. What was happening to me?! I decided to try on these purple shoes with the outfit and it seemed to look nice.
Black Dress: Great. Now Skylar has a whole outfit together and I’m not in it. What has the world come too?
Purple Shoes: Aw hush up! Skylar loves me in this outfit! She has definitely chosen what to wear to that party! I can feel it!
Skylar: No, I have not chosen, yet, but I really should choose soon. It’s getting late.
Red Dress: Yeah, come on, you guys. Stop fighting and let Skylar choose her outfit.
Skylar: Thanks. Okay, because you are so nice, I am going to try you on next!
Red Dress: Okay! Is it a fancy party or just a normal party that you are getting dressed up for?
Skylar: It’s a fancy party; it is actually for Valentine’s Day if I remember correctly.
Red Dress: Oh! Red is a valentines color! You really could wear me!
Skylar: Of course I can, but I still want to try on the pink dress.
Pink Dress: Did everyone hear that? She wants to try on me!
Red Dress: But she has not finished trying on me!
Pink Dress: I know, I didn’t say that she had to take you off. I am just excited that I am being considered for the party!
Skylar: Of course you would be! Everyone is! Okay, let’s have a look in the mirror with the red dress on.
Red Dress: Alright!
Skylar: Oh my! This is so pretty! I love it!
Red Dress: Me too!
Black Dress: I hate to admit it, but the red dress is very pretty.
Blue Skirt: I agree, even though I looked better.
Skylar: I am definitely going to wear this!
Red Dress: Yay! Okay! Let’s go!
Skylar: Okay! Goodbye everyone! I will see you all later!
Everyone: Bye! Have fun!

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