Happy Times

February 10, 2011
By , Las Vegas, NV
* Keep in mind this text is a work of fiction and in no way, shape, or form represents the people in the story. *

Happy Times
“Josh I don’t want to do this.”
“Zach, if you don’t do this then your dead to me.”
( Sirens sound in the background )
Fingers yells over the sirens,“ Hey we gotta go, do it quick! Stomp that f***ing N*****s head in!”
“He’ll do it, just a few more seconds.”
Josh leans in real close to Zach and talks real calm.

“Zach, we gotta go, do it.”
Zach raises his boot.

“Don’t do this to me!” , yells a black man on the floor with his mouth on the curb.

“Its already done.” , says Josh.
Zach’s leg drops hard and the boot makes contact with the skull.


Lets back up to the day before.
Josh and his brother Zach are chillin in their garage in Canada.

“Hey Josh, when do I get to come with you to your meetings?”

“When your ready.”

“But I’m ready now!”
Josh turns his head. Their mother’s voice is heard form the kitchen.

“Zach, will you come here please?”, says mom.
Zach walks into the kitchen to find his mom in a p***ed off mood.

“Why do I have to keep telling you to take to the trash?”, says mom.

“Why am I the only one who can?”
“How about you stop asking questions and take it out before I get really p***ed off?”
He grabs the trash and heads out to the can. He throws away the bag and turns to find Josh coming towards him.

“Was up?”, says Zach.
His brother bumps his shoulder and walks away. Zach sees his mom stomping towards him.

“ Zach, why didn’t you do your chores?! Why do I always have to remind you?!”
Zach’s fist goes into a ball and right before he gets to p***ed off he leaves.

“And were do you think your going?!”, says mom.

“Out!”, says Zach.
He walks for a while and he notices that it is now dark, so he stops at a park.

“Man why did I do that?”, Zach says to himself, ”Now if I go home then ill be in big trouble but I cant just stay here all night.”
He pulls out his phone to check the time.

“Its 11:00, what should I do?”
While he is putting his phone back he feels a piece of paper in his pocket. He pulled it out and reads it.

“1201 South Street? Where did this come from?”
He pauses and remembers his brother bumping his arm.

“Josh must have given this to me. Did he know this was gonna happen?”
He thinks intently.

“Should I go home, or to this house? Its only a few blocks that way.”
He pauses to think of al the yelling that is gonna happen when he gets home.

“Hahaha, of course Im gonna go.”

He walks for about 10 minutes before he gets to the house. He goes up to the doorstep and rings the bell. The door opens and Josh steps out with a big smile on.

“Bout time ya got here! The party can finally start!”

“What party?”, asks Zach in a confused voice.

“ Your party dumba**! The day my little bro joins the clan.”
Zach’s eyes widen as he relizes what is happening.

“Well don’t just stand there. Come on in!”
When he walks in the door he looks around and it looks like your typical party, except that all the people are white and there is a mosh-pit in the back yard.

“You go get a drink or something”, says josh, “but don’t get comfortable. You gotta fight soon.”

“You serious? Who?”

“You get to pick. Don’t worry everyone goes through it. And it doesn’t matter if ya win or lose, you will still be partially in the clan.”


“After the fight you get assigned a mission. If you complete the mission then your in.”

“Well when do I get to fight?”
The music suddenly stops.

“So the boy want to fight?”, says a deep voice.
Zach turns to find his dad, Kirk, standing on the stairs.


“Who were you expecting? The Easter bunny?”, Says Kirk, ”So who do you wanna fight?”
Zach looks around…

“Who did Josh fight?”

“ I fought Russia’s big bro.”

“Well then ill have to fight Russia.”
The big Russian stand up and talks in a deep, calm voice.

“Ok, lets do it.”
Russia and Zach walk to the middle of the room, the furniture is moved and a circle is made around them. The mosh-pit is still going on outside. Russia throws the first punch. Zach dodges and counters with a strong right hook. Russia gets knocked in the face and stumbles backward, he looks at Zach in an amazed look.

(He speaks in Russian) “ Snish ne vadka!”
As he finishes his sentence he rushes Zach. Zach notices and braces for impact but its to late. He gets tackled into the wall real hard. By now Zach’s adrenaline is pumping real hard and he doesn’t feel himself get knocked into the wall. They roll on the floor for a minute and Russia ends up on top. He hits Zach in the face real hard a couple of times and then gets up. He starts to walk towards the vadka when all of the sudden Zach springs back to life. Zach starts to go at Russia but he is intervened and held back by Josh.

“Whoa lil bro, chill man, dad said you can stop.”

“so who won?”, says a voice from the back.

“It’s a draw”, says Dad, “Now get up, drink and be marry. For tomorrow you have a hell of a day.”

The party goes on till bout 6 A.M. when everyone is knocked out from drinking too much.

It feels like only a few minutes but all of the sudden Zach is soaked form head to toe in cold water.

“What the hell?!”
He opens his eyes to find his dad and Josh holding buckets.

“Time to get up”, says Josh, “its time for your mission.”

“Wat is it?”

“Youll find out as we go along. Now get up and follow me.”
He follow Josh to a room lined with boots, suspenders, shirts, and cargo pants. Josh throws him some boots, a white shirt, some red suspenders, and a pair of cargo pants.

“ Get dressed and meet us outside.”
Josh waits for about two minutes until Zach comes outside.

“ Is this good?”, asks Zach.

“Ya its fine, now come on.”
As they are walkin zach notices that it is already dark out.

“Hey how long did I sleep?”

“Well its about 7 now so a good 12 hours at least.”, says Josh.
They walk for a little while longer until they get to an apartment complex with an El- Camino sitting outside.

“Ok here’s the plan. We wait for him to come out then Fingers and Johnny will get him ready for Zach.”, says Josh.

“Who ya getting ready for me?”

“The name is not important, all you gotta know is that he is messin with the clan.”, says Johnny.
The four of them wait outside for about 10 minutes until they spot him coming out the door with one other black person. Johnny and Fingers bring out two 9mm Barrettas and rush out shooting. They kill the the tag along before he could bring out his gun but for some reason they only shoot the main one in the arms and legs. Then when they signal to Josh that the cost is clear Josh brings out a .45 Glock and runs over there too.

“Bite the curb b****!”, Josh yells, “I said bite the curb!.”
He outs his gun to the guy’s head and cocks back the hammer. Then when he is bitting the curb Josh signals to Zach to come over.

“Ok Zach, now come your part. You get to finish him off. That is your mission.”, Says Josh.

“Josh I don’t want to do this.”

“Zach if you don’t do this then your dead to me.”
(Sirens are heard in the background.)

Fingers yells over the sirens, “Man we gotta go! Do it quick! Stomp that f***ing N*****’s Head in!”

“He’ll do it! Just a few more seconds.”, says Josh.
Josh leans in and talk real calm to zach, “ Zach we gotta go, do it.”
Zach raises his boot.
The black man yells with a mumbled voice, “Don’t do it!”

“Its already done.”, says Josh.
Zach’s leg drops real hard and the boot make contact with the skull.
After a moment of silence Zach says, “Ok, lets go.”

The End

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