To: Daddy Dearest

February 13, 2011
By Anonymous

You get in the car. Tonight, you're seeing a movie with your daddy and your sister. You left your moms today, and you took your ACT's this morning. Picture this scenario. You saw this movie at twelve with two friends this morning, but you love it so much, you'll watch it again. It's a movie about a flash in the pan type of boy. Your head hurts, your neck is sore, and you are super tired. It's about nine thirty before you are seated. Your dad is breathing relaly heavily in your ear and is smacking on his movie snack. It's really aggitating you. You tell him you're moving because you don't want to listen to him breath through the whole movie. You can't enjoy the movie anyway, though, because the people in front of you won't shut their mouths. You're really frustrated. You manage to keep your cool. Checking your phone every few minutes, when is this going to be over? Finally its about eleven thirty when the movie gets out. Your dad appologizes for being fat, and overweight, and thats why he breathes so much. And that he would love to stop breathing just to please you. You tell him to shut up, this is an old topic. We had this discussion two hours ago. You want to drop it, but when you get home he brings it back up. You fight with him about it. Keeping your cool, you avoid the subject. You grab your sparkly nail polish, nail polish remover, and you go to your room with a box of tissues to remove the hot pink polish. If only he could understand. Then you remember a night where he called you things that no thirteen year old girl should be called. Selfish, and several other words you shouldn't be called. You know you can order a custody change, you're legally allowed to now. You don't want to leave him, though. No matter how much he says he doesn't care, you know deep inside he does. You paint your nails, but while painting you start to cry. Your makeup starts to run. You have on waterproof everything though, so you let the hot tears drip. It's good to cry tonight, because it releases your emotions. You can have everything you could ever ask for, but for the price of fighting with your daddy every tiime you turn around. You wouldn't want this life. Nobody would.

The author's comments:
Wrote from experience. An eye opening piece into verbal abuse.

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