It’s My Locker!

February 6, 2011
By foreverrandom26 SILVER, New York City, New York
foreverrandom26 SILVER, New York City, New York
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Albert Camus

Jessica walked up the stairs to her new high school. Her dad had gotten a new job in a new state so Jessicahad to move to which meant a new school. “ Why now, why this year?” she thought to herself. “Plus, why in the middle of the school year?” This year was the first year she was cool enough to get invited to one of Stacey’s partys and now she couldn’t go. “ Thanks a lot dad,” she thought sarcastically. “ For once I’m popular enough to get invited to one of the coolest partys of all time and you have to ruin it. That’s really nice.”

She continued walking up the stairs. It was 8:00am, “ So I have 30 minutes to find the office, get my schedule, find my locker, and get to class,” Jessica thought. “ Boy that’s a lot.” She walked in the front door and went to find the office. Once she found it, she headed inside and went to the lady at the front desk.

“ Um, Jessica Mellark,” Jessica said to the lady at the front desk.

The lady looked up from what she was doing and said, “ You must be the new student.”

“ Um, yeah,” Jessica said feeling shy.

“Welcome to Cornward High, Jessica. My name is Ms. Torquoise. Here is your schedule and locker number.”

The lady, Ms. Torqouise handed Jessica her scheldule and a piece of paper with a map osf Cornward High and her locker number on it.

“ Thanks,” Jessica said shyly. Jessica took the papers and went to find her locker. Her locker was number 21, it was right next to the music room. Jessica opened her locker and started putting her notebooks in. She checked her watch, it was 8:20, 10 more minutes till class starts. Jessica continued sorting her locker, putting stuff in and taking stuff out.

“What are you doing?” someone said over her shoulder.

Jessica gave a jump, then turned around. Right in front of her was a boy, a big tall handsome looking boy, a boy with honey colored eyes and brownish hair. He was a boy that looked like he just came right out of a magazine. Jessica could tell that any girl he looked at or talked to would fall head over tails just by looking at him.

“ Sorting out my locker,” Jessica repiled alittle dazed.

“ Well, that is not your locker, it’s mine,” the boy said flashing on a handsome smile.
“ God he’s cute,” Jessica thought.

“ Who said,” Jessica repiled still dazed.

“ Me,” the boy responded still having on that handsome smile. “ So you can close the locker and walk away.”

Jessica snapped out of her dazed mode. Who was this boy trying to boss her around.

“ No,” Jessica repiled sternly. “ It’s not your locker, it’s mine.”

The boy looked taken aback. “ God he’s cute when he’s taken aback,” Jessica thought.

“Snap out of it, Jessica! He’s trying to steal your locker,” her inner voice told her. “ Right,” Jessica thought and turned her attention back to the boy.

“ It’s my locker,” she repeated. “ The principal gave it to me.”

“ How could it be your locker when it’s mine,” the boy said acting confused.

Jessica looked at the boy trying not to fall for his cuteness.

“It’s not your locker, go ask the principal if you want to,” she said crossing her arms.

The boy looked taken aback again, then got himself together again. “ Don’t be dazed,” she told herself.

“ But then if you take this locker I’ll be sad and you don’t want me sad, right?” the boy said putting on a sad puppy dog face.

“ God he’s cute when he look sad,” Jessica thought.

“ Jessica, snap out of it!” her inner voice told her. “ He’s trying to charm you and your falling for it.” At the words, Jessica snapped out of it.

“I don’t care,” Jessica responded. “ Everyone is sad once in a while and don’t try to get me dazed and fall to my knees in front of you with those sad puppy dog eyes.

The boy stared at Jessica as if she was a ghost, he was shoked. Jessica was surprised the boy hadn’t fainted yet, but she could tell he was speechless.

“B-but,” the boy stammered.

“ No buts, mister,” Jessica said. “ It’s my locker, go get your own.” With that, Jessica slammed her locker door and walked away to her first class leaving the boy there staring at her shoked. “ Loser,” she thought. “ Trying to get a extra locker from me cause I’m the new kid. Who do he think he is?!”

“ First and second period was a blur, Jessica couldn’t stop thinking about the boy. He wasn’t in her two classes, but she had a feeling they would have a class together. “ This school is way to small for us not to bump into each other,” she thought as she was walking to second period. After second period, Jessica said bye to her new friend Nicole which she met in second period. Then she walked to her locker to put away her things. Just as she was rounding the corner, she saw the boy not leaning on her locker, but looking through her locker. “ How he open it?” she thought.

Jessica walked over to the boy who appeard not to have seen her yet. Once she was a few inches behind him, she put her hands to her hips, made a mad face, and said loudly,

“ What the h*** do you think your doing in my locker?”

The boy gave a startled jump and turned around slowly to face her. He had on that handsome smile.

“ What does it look like I’m doing?” he repiled.

“ It lookes like your looking through my stuff,” Jessica responded. “ How did you even open it?”

“ Oh, that was easy,” the boy said. “ All I had to do was hack it.”

“ Okat then,” Jessica said. “ Why are you even looking through it?”

“ Because it’s my locker and I had to clear it out,” the boy repiled smoothly.

“ It’s not your locker,” Jessica half whinned walking toward the boy and pushing him aside seeing what he did to her locker.

The boy gave a chuckle, then pushed Jessica aside. Jessica tried to push him aside, but he held his ground.

“ Move aside fatty,” she told him while trying to push him aside with know luck.

“ I like you,” the boy said. “ Your not like other girls. Other girls crowd around me and try to flirt with me, but you, none of that.”

“ Mmmhhhhhh,” Jessica said still trying to push him aside. “ Now move aside.”

The boy didn’t move, all he did was push Jessica away from him, but Jessica kept on pushing.

“ I feel like we’ve started off the wrong way,” the boy said. “ So how about we start over?”

“ Okay,” Jessica repiled givin up on trying to push him aside. “ First, move aside so I could get to my locker.”

The boy moved aside and Jessica walked over to her locker.

“ Okay,” the boy said. “ I’m Chad, nice to meet you, Jessica.”

“ How did you know my name?” Jessica asked in amazement.

“ Ways,” the boy, Chad repiled grinning.

“ Okay,” Jessica said and turned back to her locker seeing was anything taken.

“ I didn’t take anything,” Chad said. “ I just looked through your stuff.”

Jessica turned to face him. “ That’s really nice to hear that you looked through my stuff,” she said. Then got a plan for payback. “ Where is your locker anyway?”

Chad looked relieved that she wasn’t mad. “ Number 31,” he repiled. “ Just around the corner and the first one you see would be mine.” Chad pointed to a corner.

“ Thank you,” she said giving him a evil smirk.

Jessica slammed her locker door and started heading to his locker.

“ What are you doing?” Chad asked following her.

“ Visiting your locker,” Jessica repiled.

“ For wh-,” Chad stopped in midair. He got the plan. “ You wouldn’t dear.”

“ Watch me,” Jessica repiled going into a run with Chad chasing her.

“ This school isn’t so bad,” she thought. “ I have two new friends and one of them is a hotty who seems to like me.” Then she turned the corner.

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