The Wanted Future

February 8, 2011
By AdrianaV BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
AdrianaV BRONZE, Staten Island, New York
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"Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish." ~ John Jakes

Watching through the glass window of the yellow taxi, Brittany took a deep breath. Her eyes following the jolting buildings just outside the moving vehicle, she could feel her heart pump with excitement.

She was finally moving on, from the past, from all the troubles that had been tumbled down upon her shoulders. She had forgotten all of the bad things, looking forwards to all the good moments that were to come -- and those she will be sure to remember.

Clutching her purse close to her chest, Brittany took a whiff of the air around her once the window had opened, thanks to her doing. The wind whisking around the open area, capturing her soul as one, taking it amongst the atmosphere.

Sticking her head out, Brittany's gaze caught up upon the glowing lights and crowded streets. Her chocolate pools widening in awe being that she had never seen such a society driven world before. This place was truly a miracle to many, and soon to be for her as well. She was ready for this. More than anything.

The adrenaline rush.

The feeling of officially starting the beginning of a project she had planned just a few months ago. . . all of it, mind bottling to the intelligent mind Brittany possessed.

But she was ready for this. She was ready for anything that came her way.

She thought of this as an opportunity to start all over, this being the start of something new. This was the new and developed her. This was an experience of a life time, and Brittany will never forget this.

She had always wanted to be an author, to dawn upon the innocence of so many with her melodic and soft words. To comfort all those who had been hurt, to fill them with hope once more.

Though before she could do this all, she had to start somewhere first.

And that place happened to be New York City - where all dreams come true.

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